You Get What You Give

A lot of the time it is very easy to lose sight of how balanced your giving and taking is. While getting out of a dark place, you work very hard; and when you finally begin to see results and signs of your work paying off, every single blessing ignites an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Once you’re getting into the flow of things again and the momentum of your abundance begins to slow down, it is easy to begin getting into a state of “is that it”. Little do we realise though, that the abundance is beginning to slow down because it is stabilising you. If we were to have an ever flowing waterfall of good fortune, we would have no character and very little ability to be humble and skilled at whatever it is we do. When we begin to stagnate, it is because we are being called to go into service mode. There is a time to give and a time to receive.

For example, you find yourself in a shed load of debt and no job. You work so hard to get a business going, and when you finally begin making a stable income and gaining traffic, you thank your lucky stars everyday. Despite continuing to work hard, your income remains the same rate despite you needing or wanting more. This is because you are being called to slow down, allow yourself to reap the seeds you have sewed. Give yourself a moment to catch up on how far you’ve come and give thanks to your will power and all the things that humbled you along the way, take a moment to breathe. Then, when action seems necessary again whether through intuition or a greater need for income, push again and work harder.

To give a second example; you’re lonely and going through an incredibly tough time. The only thing you wish for is friends and family. You finally make a group of friends out of being a good person and doing things from a place of purity and just being kind. You are endlessly grateful. A few months pass and you begin to forget that there was a time you didn’t have friends, perhaps you unknowingly begin to take them for granted. You begin to replace the “at least I have …” with “I wish I had…” and all of a sudden you feel dark again. You are being called to give gratitude for what you have. Remember a time where you were wishing for everything you already have and remind yourself that you have learned lessons in dark times, you are a humble yet powerful creator and gratitude is just as necessary as work.

A third and final example. You receive gifts off of people alllll the time for the work you do. You are endlessly grateful because the work you do is done because you live your work, it serves a purpose and helps you feel fulfilled. A few months go by and you begin to overlook these gifts, or you begin to stop receiving them so much and wonder why. It is because you are being called to work more, or at least remember why you are working in the first place. Not for the gifts, but for the purity. There is a lesson to be learned in every period of stagnation.

Strike the balance between giving to the universe and taking from the universe. You get what you give so long as you give without expectation. When you do everything with a pure heart and pure intentions, not much can go wrong.

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