Working in Business Administration (as a creative)

As I have decided that I want to do everything, I decided that I should probably start writing about everything I do to try and pass on my 2 cents to anybody looking to do something that I did. 

I really hope that doing this doesn’t come across as though I’m talking down at anyone, just take this as some kind of diary entry about my experiences. 

I’ll start by talking about what I’m doing right now, which isn’t the most creative thing in the world but it’s necessary to ground the magic of art and business into the practicality of reality. 

After spending 4 years waitressing at part time jobs and making the rest of my money freelancing random jobs (tarot/writing/catering/retail) I decided that I would need to do something that looked good on paper, so I did a level 3 apprenticeship in business administration.

Business administration is a good place to start. 

It’s a logical thing to go into- every business needs a business admin. It teaches you more about business structure and how to run a business, and it’s very beneficial if you’re looking to go self-employed. 

If you’re away with the fairies like me, doing something like this might be the challenge you need to be able to ground your cool ideas into the real world so that once you’ve unlocked the sensible part of your brain- the balance you’ve found will allow you to fly and make money from your passing thoughts. 

Doing an apprenticeship doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking to go in to something forever, it means that you’re learning from it much like you would learn from a course if you were to go to school, and you’ll be able to apply that knowledge wherever you want in the future. As I have said before, your work and your education will never leave you, so my advice is to allow yourself to take opportunities and learn from them before convincing yourself that taking temporary opportunities will trap you forever. 

Business administration is basically bookkeeping. Organising, keeping things on record, pulling up necessary information, fixing administrative issues. 

You will check over information and file it all away in the correct places, fix any issues which may be found, and make sure that day to day running’s of the business go smoothly by dealing with clients/applications/recruitment/employees.

When you’re in a job it can sometimes feel like you’re trapped as the day to day 9-5 can be repetitive, but it’s experience and you are learning. Think outside the box. Use the time and organisation to your advantage, and if ever you get sick of it, take a moment to find something that you’re learning. How will you be able to apply this to your dream job?

You will need to do this if you’re a creative. You’ll need to be able to time keep, keep track of finances, be able to recruit and market and sell. You’ll need to be organised. It’s the boring side of things that won’t feel as boring when you’re doing it because you’re looking forward to doing the job side of things. 

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