Womb Clearing

When I read tarot at events, pre covid, I met this woman that I never forgot.

She came in to see me and I knew what was going on with her straight away.

First thing I asked was ‘have you just moved in with your boyfriend?’.

She audibly gasped.

I did her reading. I could tell that she was trying for a baby, but not having much luck. I knew there was something there for her. I knew this was a possibility, so I reassured her. It was an amazing experience. I gave her one of my cards so she could message me on social media if she wanted me, and as she left the room I heard her exclaiming “WOW! She’s an AMAZING reader!”.

I sat there grinning like the Cheshire cat feeling pretty chuffed with myself.

Next thing, there was a man who came and sat down for a reading.

I pulled his cards.

It looked like he might have been in a situation much like the lady I just read for.

I realised that this was the lady’s boyfriend.

He was so in love with this woman, their relationship was like a light at the end of a long and winding tunnel. They were good together. He was so moved every day that he could be supported and loved by a woman like this.

He had been through a lot.

His ex wasn’t nice to him. He had a lot of trouble with her. She would show up to the house, smash things, they had to call the police on her a few times.

This man began to cry at my reading, because I assured him that he was conducting himself exactly as he should be. He had really good things ahead. I was happy that I got to help him that way.

The lady messaged within a few weeks saying she was pregnant.

I was so pleased for her.

But then a month or so later I had a really devastating message to tell me that she had lost the baby, and she was struggling.

I couldn’t leave her like that. I see a baby for her.

Babies are a sensitive topic, so I shy away from them these days. People who do not like to see a range of different perspectives think that there is an agenda to giving people hope, but this isn’t necessarily true. Sometimes, people just want to help.

I channelled some information for her, as well as give condolences. I tried to figure out, from a spiritual perspective, why it wasn’t happening.

It is up to the doctors to help with the bodily bits, the only thing I can do is look at energy.

It is very possible for babies to be miscarried and then come through you again.

From the perspective I know, a baby has a couple of years of life weighing up whether they want to stay on the planet or not.

A soul will choose their situation and fall into it. Their karmic life contract gets drawn up. You get this parent to teach you this, this parent to teach you that, these things happen to you, these things are going on in the world around you, and then eventually you die.

That’s how it works.

What’s the purpose?

Just to experience it. Learn about the world. Learn a new perspective, and get a little bit more open minded for the next avatar you choose to have life in.

Sometimes, a woman might conceive but the soul inside her feels like things aren’t just right yet, so they leave.

This isn’t anybody’s fault. It’s not a reflection of the woman, it certainly does NOT indicate ‘failure’ in the slightest. It just happens sometimes. Of course, you will feel the loss immensely, wondering about what might have been. While comforting women going through these things, I wish I could help them see how things are perfect even in the most grievous circumstances. The possibility of a baby is not lost. The soul just felt something (for now) was off. It could just be that they’ve decided their time of birth isn’t really a time they wanna exist through. For example, a covid baby may have decided that they don’t want the experience of not socialising for the first year of their life.

I understand that people do not share this perspective, and I appreciate that. So I don’t force this perspective on to people and I often just keep my mouth shut. I simply can’t help the voices I hear that tell me these things.

If you focus on the here and now, things can go in any direction.

Anyway, I met my friend the Shaman a month or so later.

I told her about this experience.

She affirmed to me that she saw a little boy.

She told me something I could share with the lady in order to connect with this little boy.

A mediation/ practice to speak with and call in his soul.

She told me that there was a blockage in her womb (energetically). A cord with her ex that hadn’t been cut, which prevented her from conceiving.

At this time, I relayed the information, but I didn’t understand it myself.

I didn’t know about the womb and what kind of energy it stores.

I learned about it recently. And I am here to explain it.

Our wombs hold energy.

They are incredible portals. I don’t want to sound too airy fairy but when you deep it, they really are.

They take a couple of simple ingredients and create life.

They bring a personality, a soul, a complex and independent being into this life.

Of course we hold energy. We channel it, we embody it.

Our wombs are designed to comfort, empower, and hold energy to create with.

If you have ever moved on from a relationship with your heart and body, but still felt a sadness or an attachment to an ex within your womb; then you might know what I’m on about.

When with give access to our womb we give our power to another, and allow them to give us their energy.

If you want a relationship with a person but fear they won’t take you unless you open your legs; therefore, you sleep with them … they will take what they want and leave.

Because what they wanted is the privilege of your energy.

You understand that?

Your energy, your being, your creativity and power as a woman is a privilege.

Intuitively, you know that. But lack of knowledge has taught you otherwise.

You get to use that on your terms.

You want a certain set of standards to be met? Well. You can have them met. You might not get control over who meets them, but who cares when you can have everything you want. So you do not sleep with a person until they meet your standards. They will see, recognise, and acknowledge your energy. They will never doubt it. They will respect it. You won’t compromise yourself.

When a man enters us, they bring with them their baggage. They bring with them their attitude towards women.

If we have sex with a man who believes he has you wrapped around his finger, you will feel like you are. If you sleep with a man who believes he is a victim, you will feel like you want to be overbearingly sympathetic despite the fact he treats you like shit. And if you sleep with a man who doesn’t want you to move on… you will have trouble moving on.

An overwhelming amount of us have likely had past experiences with men that have caused us to be a little more attached than is in our best interest. But that’s okay.

As women, we have an immense amount of power to be utilised in our own way.

We can clear our own womb.

I tried this first hand the other day. I refused to compromise what I wanted, and declared myself ready to receive what I want. I felt some lingering energy/ some attachment in my womb. I did a meditation first. It’s funny, because when I was in meditation I literally felt certain muscles try to clench themselves. It’s a very full on thing.

I then listened to a shamanic meditation/ chant and felt my body open back up. It wanted to move and dance, so I just followed what my body wanted to do. I was dancing like Shakira all the way around the living room, it was a lot of fun.

After that, I felt completely new. I felt no attachment, like I had reached complete equilibrium. I also realised the power and magic of my own vagina.

I went about my day doing whatever I wanted.

 A day after that, I was in a relationship. Exactly what I wanted. But my intent wasn’t even to get that. It was just to feel better.

I haven’t had contact with that lovely lady in a couple of years, but I believe she did end up having a child.

Our womb holds immense power, and if you feel drawn to learn more about clearing/ healing it, it’s a fun journey of self-discovery to embark on.

BOOK RECCOMENDATION- Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer.

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