why youve been taught to think psychics are unstable

Just a dislaimer straight off the bat that there IS a difference between genuinely having poor mental health and being gaslit as a psychic.

I will elaborate later on.


Since October I’ve been surrounded by “mentors” who came into my life and taught me to be the person I am now. 

At the core, I’m no different. But the person I am now is genuinely unapolagetic and consistent despite how people react to me- because I don’t care.

That has actually made me far more advanced and in my abilities but it has meant that a lot of people are confused by me.

People want to call me mad but then when I open my mouth, if they are willing to hear what I have to say they will know I speak perfect sense.

People don’t want to believe that I can work with energy, but then they will see that I correctly predict things and am able to document it as well as channel it.

And by the same token- people seem to think that my job is to convince them that I’m ‘the real deal’ and therefore don’t get it when I tell them I dont care if they believe me or not.

I came out as a psychic (always makes me laugh to have to say that) about 3 years ago when I was 18. It was one of the scariest things I ever did but I’ve written about it before and explained how I was literally having a breakdown from being inauthentic and was given no choice but to come out about the tarot, and the mediumship, and the insights I get and why I operate the way that I do. 

It’s not easy to grow up like that as I’m sure you can imagine. I was lucky in that my mum recognised that I had something and if nobody else believed me she openly admitted that what I had could intimidate her because she knew I couldn’t help but speak the truth. 

It was weird things like- I remember being 3 years old and I would get upset because “nobody has invented anything while I’ve been alive yet”. In other words- I wanted change and I wanted to be alive for some kind of significance and I was impatient about not being able to just get on with what I came here to do. 

And i used to say “I want to go home” or “I don’t feel at home” when I was at home and I know full well I was at home. 

At risk of sounding pretentious I was always confused by the concept of being a person because I was always so in tune with energy. And I always felt like I had a purpose, and that there was more to life than I understood.

I am happiest when exploring human nature and trying to work out why things are the way they are. But people in society have rules about whats sane and what’s not, so showing too much of a keen interest in energy and spirituality and astrology, all the things that make sense to me- looked crazy.

That’s a sign of being a psychic.

I didn’t even know these things existed until I was in my late teens. So most of my life until that point consisted of me just feeling out of place.

I learned very quickly that people were very quick to write you off as “mental” or “mentally unwell” or “crazy”- from third party situations and learning from the attitudes of those around me. So I just stopped saying things that were odd to save the aggro. For as long as I did that- then I really was crazy and mentally unwell.

When I began speaking out about being psychic and having insights at the age of 18, it was very liberating, but some people would insist that I was bipolar and that I was “sick”. 

I wasnt sure of myself so I believed them despite knowing that I handle my mental health well.

It was only last year I went to the doctors for confirmation and was told that I am perfectly well in all senses and I am in fact very resilient for a person who has been through some things I have experienced. 

People were very confused when they insisted I was sick and crazy- but saw that I was predicting things that came true.

This is just my experience; but I didn’t begin writing this article to talk about me the whole while. 

I wanted to talk about why I was made to feel crazy, and I wanted to talk about why large groups of you have been taught to repress your authenticity and your unique perspectives on things.

In isolation people are going to be in their heads more and they’re going to go through withdrawal and spiritual awakenings. 

And they will feel crazy, and people around them who know no better and operate no more sanely will convince them that they are crazy. And their mental health may suffer as a result. 

The tea is this. 

Psychics were very normal and accepted back in the day- but at a certain point when technology advanced, globalisation came into play, and communications increased; people realised that psychics were a threat. 

Truth sets you free- so people mustn’t know the truth. 

So psychics on TV have been put into a certain box- asked to look crazy. Asked to look unhinged, made to look mad as a box of frogs, and fakes (like Derek Acorah from most haunted) were purposefully given shows to discredit psychics in order to control the masses. 

The truth is that truth scares people. 

That’s why Julian assange is being drugged and held prisoner and it’s also why the government tries to scare us in everything that they do. 

As a psychic, it’s in your nature to speak the truth and do so from a place of love. Truth sets you free, freedom is the highest form of love.

So it is really difficult maintaining integrity when everybody around you calls you crazy and makes your life difficult. You can be very misunderstood and hated just for your nature.

The challenge in all of this is to know that you are sane and trust yourself like you didn’t even know you were capable of. 

Your purpose in life is to be true and authentic. If nothing else you are an example. When you choose to show yourself to the world, people will meet you along the path and help you out.

That’s why I had a whole shaman, and psychics, and weird situations come into my life.

Everything happens to teach you a new way.

We are going through another one of these Planetary shifts where the world is about to change quite dramatically quite quickly. I had to be sure of myself for that so I could coach and write for those who are questioning their sanity while going through spiritual awakening.

If you have some sort of ability or you are aware that there is more to life than this little earth planet and the nonsense “going through the motions” structures within it- it means you should explore that. 

The shaman once told me that I was in the world but not of the world. Meaning you may have a place here and your time on earth can be fun, you chose to incarnate for one reason or another. But if you feel out of place it’s because you have forgotten why. 

I wanted to say that today so I’ll trust that it was for a reason.

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