why white people should be punished for racist ‘jokes’

Why white people should be punished for racist ‘jokes’

I found myself explaining this to some people the other day, and educating racism can be exhausting. Especially when the puppet of racism at hand is ridden by ego and is automatically defensive to learning something new.

I know that a lot of people who want to stand up for the black community will back down when argued against because they don’t feel confident in their words, and they don’t feel they can articulate their points well.

So I will do it for you.

This isn’t an argument, it isn’t even a discussion. This is what it is.

So basically. 

It was brought up in conversation that two white boys were rejected from a certain university for telling racist ‘jokes’ on the internet.

No I will not link the article because why on earth would I give it the clout. 

It is right that they have been rejected, and no it’s not too harsh. It’s as simple as this. 

Institutions are for the most part, racist. There are books published about it and people on YouTube who could put the words together far better than I could, but this is a known fact. 

If we want to dismantle systematic racism we must stop people with racist narratives from getting into positions of power.

Narrative truly is everything, because narrative normalises behaviour. Narrative manipulates the masses into believing that the racially biased institutions are okay. 

It keeps everybody obedient and keeps minorities in their place. 

So these jokes are racism. I don’t understand why they’re funny. And I understand and side with the fact that humour is subjective, for example I understand when ricky gervais speaks about why the word ‘c*nt’ shouldn’t be a reason to not find a joke funny. 

But the word c*nt isn’t a racial slur. It’s not reinforcing a narrative that gets people killed. It’s not racism. 

People of colour (black people above all) have to censor themselves, buy weaves and wigs, strip themselves of their culture in order to be hired for jobs and accepted into universities in western society.

Furthermore they’re taught how to walk down the street, talk to people, be in situations with the police. Things we wouldn’t even think of teaching our kids, they’re taught- just to operate like one of us. 

And still they’re subjected to racism. They’re still humiliated. 

White people go through life not having any of this. We don’t realise our privilege because how are we to ever understand?

We will never know if someone who holds a door open for us did it purely because of the colour of our skin. 

And to get into certain jobs or universities- we STILL have to censor ourselves somewhat. Come across professionals, like we want to learn. 

So these boys are not underdogs. They’re old enough to know what they did was harmful. 

And I think by not accepting them into university, it’s the university actively making the statement that they do not support racism. That’s a step in the right direction. 

On an absolutely miniscule level, it gives them a small taste of what it’s like to be rejected from something. Only this is a consequence of something they chose to do.

That’s not even the intention behind the university letting them in. 

The university rejecting them as a result of their racism makes a statement that this particular institution is an ally to the Black community. And that is powerful. 

Honest to god, if all you racists and people defending racist behaviour knew how pointless that type of behaviour was, and if you could see how you are being used as a puppet by evil cooperations that don’t care about you- you’d shut up quick time.

Trust me when I say there are bigger fish to fry.

Allow me to spare you the defensiveness.

‘so because I’m white I’m not allowed an opinion?’

This is not truly your opinion, this is a conditioned opinion. And this opinion is too loud and harmful for us to even pay attention to. As I said, this is not a discussion.

‘I disagree’

That makes no difference at all.

How can you promote racial diversity to little ones?

Conditioning is everything, and racism is literally just a conditioned massive distraction from us as individuals living our best lives and breaking free from the forces and classes above us that control us. 

So in order to prevent your white children inherently having this societal conditioning instilled in them that white people are the “superior race” (gross), there are so many things you can do. And its as simple as using different colour plasters to cover their cuts and grazes when they fall over. Reading them books from black children’s authors. Giving them black and white dolls. 

Western society has been whitewashed, so it’s the things you wouldn’t even think about that create conditioning from such a young age. 

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