why Julian Assange should be freed / stop watching morning television ffs

Hi everyone.

I was sat getting annoyed about the world so I thought I would actually be proactive about it and explain why I am annoyed about the world in the hopes that educating other people on the tom foolery going on right now will cause some kind of shift.

On New Years I wrote about Assange.

This was stating the facts.

This was his story, and this was to bring it to your attention.

To sum up, Assange is a man who broke the law in a righteous attempt to free people. He is the Robin Hood of journalism, if you will.

His mission is to expose all the secrets kept by the government that keeps the powerful in power, despite the fact that what they do can be evil. He set up a site called ‘WikiLeaks’ that exposes secret governmental documents.

The updates on Assange is that he is thought to be being drugged/sedated while imprisoned in the UK.

Jeremy Corbyn has spoken out about how he thinks Assange should be freed, which to me was an amazing breakthrough.

The irony of Assange’s imprisonment is that it’s for the most part, going unreported.

WikiLeaks is the real news.

Yes, it confirms a lot of your conspiracy theories.

Yes, it shows you that the world can be scary.

But knowing that the world can be scary is what helps us to stop these people having control over us.

So many people would rather be silent than acknowledge the truth and it is so cowardly.

“The world is shaped by your example, not your opinion”.

I’m going to go on a tangent now and tell you a story, but you’ll understand why it explains why Assange should be freed once I get to the end.

When I was about 13 years old, voice recognition was becoming more of a thing. So Siri was introduced on iPhones, and androids got voice recognition too to compete, and soon enough Alexa’s and Google Home’s came into the equation.

I had heard some conspiracy theories, and decided that this voice recognition was in fact, terrifying.

My Dad loved this voice recognition thing and we spoke about it once. I said “No Dad, they’re scary, they find out everything about you and then control you with what they know. The government can listen to any conversation we have”.

He said “why is that scary?”.

Obviously, being seen is scary because of what is happening to Assange.

Being seen automatically wants to make us be on our best behaviour, blocking what we feel is the truth, putting on a front.

But in a deeper sense I recognised the question and I couldn’t answer it.

Why is it scary?

Why should anybody care that I am speaking the truth unless it threatens them? Unless they are in fact, not speaking the truth for some ulterior, selfish motive?

Because the truth is not scary it’s empowering.

And if speaking the truth gets me into trouble it’s a test of integrity, and to me at least- life wouldn’t be worth living if I had to sell my soul and honesty in order to live a watered down life.

We have been conditioned to believe that a world without secrets and control would be chaos but when people are being held captive, swept under the rug, drugged- that to me is chaos.

When people are being needlessly murdered and tortured in the most brutal ways, when there are rigged elections, when there are unspoken-about concentration camps in some parts of the world, when we’re drafted into war for something that isn’t our problem, when ‘liberation’ of non-western countries looks like destruction- THAT is chaos.

People are blindly allowing themselves to be conditioned into not caring.

I didn’t know about Assange then, I just knew about siri.

My Dad filled my silent response by saying “a lot of people say that the government listening in on your conversations is scary, but it could go the other way and make for a more honest society”.

I think that’s where we’re headed to.

It may look like things are worse than ever now- but that’s just because we can see the bad stuff that’s going on.

We see the pictures of wars, we hear the stories of abuse. We are forced to be compassionate.

Back in the 40’s when the war was going on- people were blind and ignorant. They didn’t know any better- so fair enough they did their best, but both England and Germany thought they were the best countries going, right?

In retrospect, England is a piece of shite because the world wars are pretty much the only wars we have fought in history where we weren’t the worst bastards in the game- and Germany were obviously in the wrong because they were influenced by Hitler and all of a sudden had it out for the Jews in an inhumane way seemingly unprovoked.

So really, seeing the bad in the world and being aware of it, believe it or not is a good thing. It stops history repeating itself.

Because it means that people who have privilege, power, and compassion, and unity and a purpose here on Earth can hear about it and help the cause.

If it overwhelms you too much to do anything about it- it literally does not even matter. Just know about it and talk about it.

Don’t read The S*n, or any other bullshit form of ‘journalism’ that will tell you about what Katie fucking Price (god love her) ate for breakfast, or what slander they have to say about some celebs cankles- or what is going on with the Royals.

For the love of God, read something important.

You might even find that life is worth living.

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