Why I will one day be completely sober

Drugs and 4d

I’m pretty transparent about life and the things I get up to. 

Though I’m a uni student and therefore partial to a night of drinking, in the past I’ve been completely sober for really long periods of time (I’m talking like 6 months+). I’ve blogged about my love for psychedelics (shrooms and acid) and how I’ve smoked a lot of weed in the past; I’ve even blogged about experimenting with party drugs. 

I have a too much gene, so as I’ve got older my brain has been finding balance. This means my relationship with these substances has become a lot more healthy with age. 

But regardless of my curiosity and alice in wonderland type of infatuation with what my brain can unlock, I’ve always had it in the back of my head that I will one day be completely sober. 

The reason I haven’t done so yet is because as a 21 year old at university, I just haven’t felt the call. These are my years to be social. When I have a kid, maybe a few months before- I think that will be the time I call it quits forever. 

I’ve got some pretty good reasoning for this. 

The way the world is at the moment, it feels like I would be able to communicate why I one day intend to be sober with more ease. 

Many people have heard of the 3D, 4D and the 5D. 

3rd/ 4th/ 5th dimension. 

I don’t take this terminology too literally but it’s a good way of putting these different states and perspectives into language that you can communicate. 

The 3D is pretty much how the world is at surface level (what we can see as human beings). Full of duality, with low and high vibe people all together. Fixed mindsets, disagreements ending in war, etc. It’s difficult to look up much about the 3D.

The 4D is the level people get to when they smoke weed or do psychedelics, where you’re open to new realms of consciousness and you see an alternate reality. 

Being as I am, and being exposed to the education I had as an adolescent (before experimenting too much with drugs)- I felt the 4D anyway and I had a knowledge that life was a very versatile, dualistic thing. This meant that I was already in pursuit of spiritual knowledge and I would never stop seeking the next level of consciousness. I love finding out about the world, the universe and my place in it. 

But here’s the thing about using substances. 

Drugs open you up to the 4D where is freedom of perception. 

This said, 4D has lots of gribblies and unpleasant energies which associates being “woke” with fear. 

The 4D is where conspiracy theorists live,  believing they are woke but instead just fuelling fear and hysteria the same way people in the 3D are. 

There is a sense of “I am better than you, you see it wrong”. There is a level of conflict. 

People on the 4D are doing as they are meant to I’m sure, I’ve been trapped in the 4D many times in my life. 

There is an addiction to giving your power away to structures, circumstances, substances. 

If you are reliant on substance to get to the 4D altered state of consciousness, you can get stuck there. 

That is when you become ill and can develop mental illness and disorders, it can also drive you to be isolated and fear based. 

You can also get stuck by being reliant on “guides”, “spirits” and buying in to the concepts of ghosts being spooky and separate from us. 

The 4D is still infused with fear. 

There are layers beyond the 4D- such as the 5d and beyond. 

The 5D is peace. It is rising above things, it is a state of holding power and being okay with everything. It is picking your battles and involvelements, it’s knowing that there is always a loophole.

As a result, you are able to control your place in life and influence those around you. It is so much easier and peaceful. It’s not a fantasy land, it’s a state your consciousness gets to when you give up these addictions and coping mechanisms you’ve acquired to get through life. 

To get there, you have to let go of your guides and become the power. There is less duality and negative energy in the 5D. It is all seeing. It is above that. 

This is why we cannot depend on drugs for an altered state of consciousness. It is why we have to acknowledge the divinity lives in us. 

Substances and information that opens our minds are a tool- but they are not the limit. They can keep us stuck. 

You require a lifestyle that will elevate you beyond using substances. For that you have to move forward and follow the call to move to the next level at each opportunity in life. 

I’ve been seeing people do that this year. Giving up social media, concentrating on the self and shutting out the noise of structures and government babble. Moving away, revamping their social circles.

I choose to one day be sober because though drugs are fun, it’s never been something I’ve wanted forever. 

I see elders who are completely sober in incredible shape, who have found ecstasy in life. Living is enough. Life has become their playground. They look entirely free. That to me is the highest vibration of all. 

And when I have children, I want them to see what an adult looks like free of any restriction, limitation, or subtle nagging nudges to depend on substances to cope. 

There is a part of me that always hated seeing that in adults when I was a child. Seeing adults reach for a glass of wine and jest about it being the child’s fault. I always found that a strange thing to be normalised. 

So that is why I will one day be sober. 

But those who engage in drinking or drug use are doing exactly what they came here for. The jest doesn’t have to be that deep, it’s just not for me. There’s no “one size fits all” in life. It’s a planet of duality. 

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