why I released the need to see everything

After I wrote this article:

I deleted social media from my phone and stopped engaging with twitter or facebook for a while. 

I realised that I had developed a compulsive need to watch everything unfold and figure everything out.

I will always, always, ALWAYS stand with minorities and underdogs in society who face injustice. 

When Anonymous came out with information about Trump, Epstein and the Royal Family, it was brought to my attention that the timing of this was very strange.

I was so happy that Anonymous leaked this information but then I was encouraged to question it. 

Anonymous came on and said they were here because they were fed up with the injustices black people face, but they didn’t really talk about it at length. They used it to segway on to the deep rooted issue of pedophilia amongst those in charge. 

Like a huge distraction.

They’re getting us more angry so that we become so full of rage that we forget how to fight. We forget what we’re fighting.

I was aware of the issue of pedophilia, child trafficking, and the horrors in Hollywood and ‘elite’ cults from the news sources that I have been listening to over the last few years. 

But this didn’t add up. 

Anonymous exposed the royal family (we been known, havent we?) and they exposed Epstein (we been known) and even Trump (we’ve seen the tapes), but they didn’t expose Hilary Clinton.

Not like Assange did before the last election, shortly before he got locked up and drugged to stay silent.

Anonymous didn’t expose Hollywood, or talk much about anything else.

Why didn’t they reveal it all?

Will they ever?

Falling down this hole humbled me to the point where I realised that you can’t trust every source.

What anonymous did was clever, but on this occasion I can’t say I trust them fully. 

You can’t trust anyone. 

I have been public about my distrust for the media, but in times of hysteria people turn back to it trying to keep ‘informed’.

The mainstream news is nothing but propaganda and censorship.

You wanna really start a revolution?

Stop watching that shit. Read other news sources.

Stop crossing your arms to outlandish claims because if this will have taught you anything it’s that there are crazy things we don’t yet know of.

The war has already been won. 

In fact, I really believe that the organisations above us are orchestrating these fights.

I think the organisations we are truly fighting KNOW that we have already won, and therefore are creating the illusion that we have not won. 

But I’m not here to tell you to stop fighting, because I don’t know how this is meant to play out. 

I know that we have won, and I know that truth will come out. 

And if I stay in that knowing, not feeding into the government mainstream medias bullshit, it will happen.

These organisations lure you in to feeding into their hysteria despite the fact that you may be woke.

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