when spiritualism isn’t healthy

I made a post on my @tarotandthemoon Instagram yesterday explaining why I’d taken a few months out.

I wanted to go a little more in depth.

To sum up what I said in the post, I’m not gonna stop doing tarot as a job despite my inconsistency. It’s still a helpful tool, it brings people comfort, and it’s what I do. I’m still taking bookings, I’m still doing events when I’m asked to them, it’s still happening.

I had to take a break.

I looked back at some of my early posts on that account (and on my blog) from last year. Some of it I was still proud of I’m not gonna lie, other stuff I was just kind of like ‘oh Becky, you’re nuts’. That’s a good thing though.

Since taking this break I consider myself a different person to the girl who was making posts back then. I was pretty lost at the time, as I have discussed- but I was still working and trying to find my footing in the ‘professional’ world of tarot.

Tarot, astrology, and the promise of there being more to life than what I was dealing with was a solace to me, so I flung myself into it pretty heavily.

To be honest, I’m glad I did- because if it weren’t spirituality it might have been cocaine.

That being said, I’m better now, and I’d like to explain how spiritualism might be keeping you from fixing your problems.

I think it’s important to question your beliefs and motives from time to time.

I still believe in astrology purely because it makes sense to me. It’s weird how so many groups of people experience similar things at specific times, it’s weird how when you learn astrology you have the ability to accurately predict future events, it’s just too coincidental for me to not buy into it.

That being said, what good does it do to be so aware of what’s going to happen if it’s going to happen regardless?

I continue to do the monthly horoscopes and things now because it brings entertainment to people. It’s fun to look back and have that wow feeling when everything the stars said would happen comes true.

What’s fun about it is watching it unfold in a way you couldn’t have anticipated.

That’s why I do it now, but not why I started back then.

To me, I liked the feeling of knowing what was going to happen. I thought ‘if I can see what’s coming my way I can prepare and then nothing can hurt me’. I think that’s why a lot of people get into this stuff, especially women who feel vulnerable and maybe a little helpless.

Something that we have to get our heads around in life is the simple fact that we never have a clue what’s going to happen. We can’t control it, there’s that saying like ‘God laughs at plans’ and my word is that true.

When astrology and tarot and all things other worldly become a solace to you it’s a sign that you’re not coping with the cards you’re being dealt with in real life. Which is fine and natural, and a part of life.

Going for tarot readings and getting advice and keeping up with horoscopes is a bit of entertainment. It can help to guide you, it can help you to make yourself feel better, it can give you a sense of awe.

If you’re a reader, or you have access to getting readings often, it can become addictive just like anything else.

Listening out for spiritual gurus an excessive amount (I’m talking multiple times a week, maybe everyday) is giving away your control.

You’d rather look at the situation and evaluate it to death as a concept than deal with it hands on. I learned that the hard way. It’s okay to not be coping, we’re all doing our best. If the stars become your crutch, however, it’s probably time to talk to someone or try a new hobby; do something that takes your mind off your uncertainty and remember ‘life’s not that deep’.

When you disassociate from reality, the things you’re ignoring will pile up and hit you like a tonne of bricks.

Though at times it may be advisable to take note of the influence the moon has or whatever, if that’s your sort of thing, you don’t have to wait for a green light to go and do things.

To make a final (and somewhat unrelated point), if I were to go back and talk to my past self (and actually have her listen to me) I’d tell her to stop depending on the people she’s fixing.

This isn’t a message for everyone, this is a message for readers and healers and advisors.

If you loved yourself enough you wouldn’t care if they listened to you or not. You wouldn’t be so invested in their life to escape from your own. Tarot will not save you from being shocked and it’s okay to have things happen to you that you don’t see coming. That’s life.

The thing about that ‘away with the fairies’ mindset is that it’s a coping mechanism for people until they’re strong and brave enough to face reality.

You can’t get people to snap out of it because they’re in survival mode, the process will get them to snap out of it when the time is right.

Of course you’re going to be at peace when you’re being fed bullshit all the time. When you come down to earth and face reality it hurts and it’s hard and it’s where the growing happens.

Tarot readers can’t fix you, but they can help you.

I’d like to think that the way I’ve embraced the fact that I don’t have all the answers might help people embrace the fact that they don’t know them either.

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