Whats going on now? WHO, Protests, and credible news sources

Well in the current climate it is not really a time for rest. More and more is coming out by the day, so I am here to keep you informed. 

Now I had a very kind friend of mine express concern after I shared this video calling out the WHO, because their channel appears sceptical of covid-19 and the George Floyd incident.

I think it was a knee jerk reaction out of good will to try and throw a free speaking (shocking crazy bitch) a bone, but it was not enough time to watch many videos with a mind free of conditioning.

Again, no shade, I appreciate the intent of my friend and thank them for the opportunity to elaborate on what I said.

I would just like to elaborate in a way that a 240 or however many character tweet would allow.

What is said in this channel 

  1. Agrees that the killing of George floyd was wrong
  2. Agrees that the system is corrupt and needs to be taken down
  3. Agrees people should not be controlled, oppressed, or sacrificed for the sake of structure

This is their way of trying to educate people, but the way it is done is questionable. That said, who am I to know?

The wording in some of the videos do serve their points in a way which skims over the issue of racism in society in pursuit of taking these organisations down. Which in the current climate, is not benefiting those fighting for their rights. 

These people are simply focussed on the structure behind racism as opposed to taking the conditioning out of ignorant peers or elders.

I think everyone is serving their purpose right now. Those who run this channel are serving their purpose by getting people to think. Getting people to exercise their ability to pick and choose which parts of the news they agree with both on this platform and in the mainstream media.

The mainstream media is nothing but propaganda.

But all this said and done, we share a same goal. When all is connected, this video bares just as much relevance as any.

As for their controversial takes on vaccines, I myself am undecided on the matter. 

I have a lot of conditioning, I am still unsure what my take is on the whole thing. 

But as I stated in this article: https://beccajade.com/censorship-the-truth-about-whats-going-on/

While coronavirus is real, and people are really dying and having their lives ended or severely hurt by covid 19, what reason do we have to blindly trust the government with all this news coming out?

It makes sense to me that coronavirus has been manufactured. And that is disgusting because peoples lives are worthless to those in control. Which needs to change.

So as I report with my ego aside, I’ll admit that I may be wrong. But what I have reported has not been wrong so far, and time will tell. 

What I will stand by is that awareness is everything. 

My friend also wanted to express concern that the source i shared was not a ‘legitimate’ news source, however I will also raise the question: what is a legitimate news source in this day and age?

I am a news source.

The BBC is just a news source that gets tipped off to filter out certain stories by those who have power and angles they want to sell. 

It’s not ‘unbiased’ at all, it’s filtered. It’s censored. 

People deserve the truth. And it’s coming out. 

I also wanted to talk about the protests.

A few people at the protests/ riots/ lootings in America noticed and shared via social media that something was off about it. 

A lot of people agreed that a lot of white people were getting more involved with the riots and stirring it up. It was also pointed out how it was extremely off that affordable apartment buildings were set fire to and looting took place in black owned independent businesses. 

It has been speculated that insiders have been planted in particular riots to stir it up, give the media an angle to demonise protesters, and cover up other news thats going on at the moment. 

This is what they’re trying to escalate the riots to cover up. They’re planting people in the protests to stir it up because government insiders have been trying to expose what the “elites” get up to. Keep an eye on everything.

People will not understand what I am saying, and those people are likely not meant to. 

As long as you are thinking freely and not obediently, I applaud you for questioning what I, or any of these news sources have to say.

Free thinking is what will get us through the revolution.

Those people are likely still trying to get their head round certain elements of what is going on right now and I applaud them greatly for doing so. 

But the conditioning people have around who to listen to is what keeps our society in shackles. 

And that is gradually being undone.

Here are some aids that allowed me to ground myself and get to a place of response when I have felt most reactive and angry at the current state of the world.



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