what the new moon in virgo is gonna do for you

I’m back on my bullshit. But not quite so intense.

Honestly throughout my ‘reality check’, minor breakdown and complete loss of faith the only things that gave me comfort are tales of Greek mythology (i.e. the story of chiron) and the idea that astrology MUST be real.

I lost the ability to care about or believe in anything, but I felt astrology without even wanting to feel it.

Is it not just mad that things hit people at similar times in similar ways? It’s like we’re on a big ship and the stars are like a steering wheel.

Even if there’s not a point, seeing things from the star’s standpoint makes all the big problems in life seem so ridiculously minor.

But I do have to be careful about disassociating and just losing the plot. 

If summer has been intense for you (as it has been for me, Jesus take the wheel) it’s likely because we’ve been having a whole bunch of retrogrades. I’ve explained the concept of a retrograde loads of times before. A planet slows down to the point where it creates the illusion from Earth that it is moving backwards. During this period of time, the area of life that planet represents is unable to move forward.

For example, mercury is the planet of communication. When mercury is in retrograde things go much slower, there is more misunderstanding, malfunctions, fall throughs, technology goes wrong, etc. This is so that we have time to review and reassess things before moving forward with them.

Loads of planets have been in retrograde this summer. Mercury, Mars, Chiron to name a few. I haven’t been keeping up with it due to my lack of faith, but it’s been happening. Undeniably. That’s my explanation for the tom foolery. Retrogrades have been showing me all the areas of life that are just unfair and awful and need fixing up. Even if I can’t do anything about it I’ve just got to recognise that it’s not okay.

Anywayysssss, moons.

I like moons because a lot of shit goes down. A lot of things happen like a release of things that have been building up. I like when things happen.

New moons are for manifestations, new things coming into life. Full moons are for releasing things.

We just had a full moon, I’m not gonna go back on it because what’s the point? You don’t need me to tell you what you’ve been dealing with or thinking or feeling. Just know that if there was a lot of intensity felt around this time, you have likely been releasing feelings and thought patterns which won’t serve you in the next stage of your life. 

The next new moon is on August 30th. This is how it might affect you.

(Side note- When I read astrology I read my sun sign, moon sign and rising sign. You can find out what these are by looking up your birth chart. It’s just a way to go more in depth because your sun sign is gonna be about what you’re experiencing consciously, moon is about how you’re feeling, and rising is about what’s fated for you/ what’s in your subconscious.)


This moon is hitting your 6th house; the house of health. Don’t be surprised if for some reason you find yourself on a health kick, not necessarily in terms of dietary change or a need for physical exercise- this can be a mental thing. You might find that you realise just how much you’ve been neglecting yourself and your emotions, maybe you’ve been putting yourself second and generally not loving yourself as you should. The relationship you have with yourself sets the tone for every other relationship in your life so be mindful of taking care of yourself in all senses. There may be a health scare in relation to this. You may also just find yourself waking up surprisingly optimistic.


The area of life being hit in this new moon is your 5th house; the house of romance and creativity.

You might get a sudden serge of newfound passion or lust for a person, or a creative endeavour. Maybe your love life is being affected by the way you express yourself, or by the way you hold back. Perhaps you feel you have to compromise an area of your life in order to be invested in another person. Maybe you’re just missing the feeling of love and being involved with someone. You may get a real creative burst to channel your imagination or feelings into a project. In any case, something is brewing in this area of life for you.


This moon is hitting your 4th house; the house of home and family.

Obviously this is a really broad area with so many possibilities of things that might happen but this is likely going to be the focal point of how this moon will affect you.

It might be that there is a new obstacle for you and your family to have to overcome such as a financial decision or a circumstance with extended family. Some of you may be paying a visit to family members you haven’t seen in a while; or perhaps your view/ perception on family might change. You may be finding yourself becoming increasingly independent and removed from your family. There may be something about housing come up that has to be dealt with, you may have a new addition to the family or be more focussed on creating your own family.

It may be that you just feel differently. In any case there will be some movement here.


The new moon will be hitting your 3rd house which is the house of communications.

Circumstance will likely manifest as a direct result of the way you are communicating with people at this time. Are you holding back? Are you coming across differently to the way you are feeling? Are you unaware of the effect you will be having on people?

Communication is arguably the most important thing when it comes to getting what you want (or don’t want).

You may also be feeling a little drained and in need of alone time.


The moon will be hitting your 2nd house; the house of money and values.

Either you’ll be getting paid a good amount of money, you’ll be coming up with ways to make money, or you’ll be completely lost surrounding the concept of money and a sudden event is gonna make a difference to your bank account.

The way this new moon hits this house is gonna be dependent on how responsible/frivolous you have been, and how ethical you’ve been. Good karma gets rewarded, but not if you’re impulsive with your money.

You may also be forced to question just how much you value money, and what are you willing to compromise for it? Is there any way around it? How are you going to make it work?

Pretty straightforward and practical, but it can be a stressful area of focus nonetheless.


The moon is hitting your 1st house; the house of self.

You can expect to really be looking inwards, this could go one of two ways.

Either you like yourself and it gives you a whole air of confidence, or you find yourself with a very low confidence and a want to hide away which shows you some emotional wounds that need tending to.

You may be getting some sort of a reality check with this new moon, whether that is perceived to be good or bad.

In any case, expect to be thinking about yourself a little more than usual. Are you okay?


This new moon is going to be hitting your 12th house which is the house of spirituality.

If you’re not necessarily a spiritual person or someone who holds a particular set of beliefs, think of this more as you becoming more inquisitive and curious about things. What more does life have to offer you, and are you wanting to break out of your shell a little more and try new things?

Alternatively, this could mean that your dreams are more memorable as your subconscious is trying to speak to you. Your intuition may be heightened at this time as well. Things may not be happening at the surface, but you may likely feel them behind the scenes.


Your 11th house of friends and manifestations will be hit during this new moon.

As I’ve said before, the way this hits you will kind of be dependent on the lead up to this new moon.

You may be looking at your friends differently, or you might be making new friends/ seeing a different side to your friends than usual. You may find yourself questioning if you belong where you are or if you’re on the right path with each other. Are you doing things out of habit? Or have friends you have recently made torn you from the path you were on? What are you afraid of losing?

You may be feeling a huge sense of appreciation for your friends and you may realise that you need to spend more time with them. Maybe it’s time to let go of some people who make you feel less than.  

Alternatively, your focus may be on an end result which hasn’t yet come to fruition. You may have a heightened level of restlessness, impatience or anxiousness as a result of not seeing progress in an area that you’ve been putting a lot of energy into. I feel like timing is gonna be aggravating some people. The same way, if you’ve been working hard during the last few months you may be pleasantly surprised.

Whatever happens this new moon is a time to let go and trust the timing of life. I’m aware of how annoying that is to say but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.


This moon is hitting your 10th house; the house of career and public image.

I’m not gonna lie, for some of you saggi’s prepare to be feeling pretty self-conscious. You may be more hyper-aware of the way you come across to people and the way you want to be perceived. It’s probably best to just be as authentic as possible regardless of how much you might want to seem like you have it all together. If you’re playing an act, just keep in mind you’re not going to be able to keep it up forever.

You don’t have to be on top of your game all the times and in honesty, exposing a side to you which is messy just makes you more relatable and likeable.

It is better to be honest about the fact that you’re struggling and trying than it is to bottle up all your concerns and come across as a little stressy and irritable as a result of putting too much pressure on yourself.

Are you making excuses for the side of yourself that you don’t like rather than dealing with them?

This new moon may bring some kind of circumstance which means you really have to reflect on your self-image as a light will be shone on an area of your personality. Do not see yourself through other people’s eyes.


This moon is hitting your 9th house, the house of travel, faith, morals. This could bring really exciting opportunities in travel (duh) or it could bring about an opportunity which makes you see life differently.

This is a really cool house for a new moon to hit as it expands your life outside of your little bubble and brings about opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and grow as a person.


The newmoon will be hitting your 8th house of shared resources. Anything shared. This could be shared finances, shared environments, it is also the house of sexual relations.

This may bring a new materialised thing or experience into your physical reality which brings out a side of you which you are forced to evaluateand work on. How are you with sharing things? You may also find that you are tired of sharing things and through hard work you may be able tomanifest something for yourself. The energies are supportive of this at this time.

There may be a focus on intimacy and sexual relationships during this moon. Anythingcould happen, but do not be suprised if out of nowhere something manifests surrounding this area of life.


This moon is going to be hitting your 7th house, which is the house of relationships.

You may well be getting into a new relationship, or meeting someone who sparks an interst in you- if you’re romantically ready for it. Please be cautious of acting disrespectfully towards your partner if you are already in a relationship; this moonwill have you really focussing inon the connections you have with people.

Romantic relationships are the primary focus of this house meaning you may be looking at manifesting one of those but this house represents relationships of any kind. Be mindful that you’re giving as much as you’re taking, and only go with relationships that flow with ease. If it’s not easy, you probably dont want it; and if you’re confused about it, drop it.

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