what even is karma

When I was little I used to have a raging temper. If I argued with someone (which I did a lot teehee) I would be SEETHING about it for days.

My Dad would try and calm me down but it wouldn’t be without a fight. He would be like “what good is it doing for you to be thinking about that fight 5 hours after it happened?” and I would be like “because I’m gonna ruin their lives because they deserve it”. And then he would be like, “and then what? What are you gonna do then? Why do you think they treated you that badly in the first place? Do you think perhaps they have suffered enough without you even doing anything?”.

That unique perspective has been very much engrained in me over the years.  

When someone does us dirty our favourite line is that karma will get this person. Which it will, because karma is inevitable, but there is nothing I find more ridiculous than somebody hanging on to the false promise that karma will bring you revenge. That’s not what karma is, and to be honest even wishing bad upon another person defeats the object of karma.

Karma isn’t a magical force or type of God that waves a magic wand and causes your arch nemesis to shit their pants on public transport because you’re a bit pissed off with them. That’s just a chance thing.

Karma is a simple push and pull force. What goes around comes around.

In other words, it’s the result of an accumulation of decisions/ attitudes/ perceptions a person has carried over time.

The best way to receive the best karma is to be on a constant journey of evolution and growth, consciously. With an open mind. Not stubbornly fighting against it.

When I was little and I would argue with somebody in the playground and be raging about it after, my Dad was completely right.

The little girl who made a bitchy comment secretly had no friends and was lowkey incredibly insecure. She was under a lot of pressure and probably felt the need to prove herself to be loved. Really, she’s already suffering, she’s already getting her karma, and that’s why she’s being a bitch. I’m doing better than her. So it’s fine. I don’t have to take it personally.

By seething at her comment, the only thing I’m doing is affecting my own karma. I am literally making myself suffer because I choose to pay attention to the fact that I might be a victim.

So what about when something is properly unfair. Like you’ve been cheated on and the guy who did it is a total bastard who seems to be doing well for himself because he has the whole world fooled. Or someone is being a complete arsehole to you behind closed doors and you’re finding it really hard to not interfere and make attempts to ruin their life out of spite and anger.

That one is a little bit more tricky.

First of all, they’ve already got their karma. This guy may have some group of saps fooled but when they go to bed at night and they’re staring at the ceiling, you really think they don’t know that they’re a piece of shit? Of course they do, which is why they are constantly feeling the need to prove themselves to the world and play a certain character. They are irretrievably inauthentic, and while they’re stuck like that- they’re not at peace. But you are. You can be at peace because you don’t have to spend your whole life keeping up an act. You have the choice to not build on your karma any more than is already done.

Secondly, the beauty of it is that if what this person has done is so bad; all that has to be done is expose the truth. That’s easy, because the truth ALWAYS comes out- effortlessly and when the time is right.

Your only challenge is to not jeopardise your image by desperately trying to uncover the truth before it’s ready to come out.

I understand the impulse to lash out at the fear that somebody is going to get away with something horrible. It’s so easy to convince yourself that there will never be justice- but that is just a mind game. It’s just ego, and it’s just fear.

If the truth is real, and it is compelling, and it is solid, and it is pure and…. true- you will not feel the need to argue or convince or frantically scream it from the rooftops in fear. You will hold it in your gut and you will just know that one day, it will not be your business anymore, but the truth will come out. Because that’s the way of the world.

When you realise that, you’ll be so at peace that you don’t care about getting revenge anymore. Revenge is truth.

So here’s a classic way that karma realistically plays out.

You go to work and the office sweat takes a disliking to you. You don’t know why, it just be like that. You mind your business. You get on with everybody else. Some days it makes you feel crappy but you don’t let that stop you from being a good person and doing your best and being nice to people. Gradually the people around you notice that this individual is not nice to you. This makes that person very unpopular because people do not like the way they are with someone who is not retaliating, or doing any wrong. And that way, through no action of your own, karma has taken place. Some months go by and you’re fed up with it, but because you have not kicked up a fuss, you can put in a complaint to HR and with a compelling argument and a good reputation- you ‘win’.

Alternatively, you go to work and the office sweat is nasty to you. You react, and you kick off, and you shout at management for not noticing it sooner and you bitch about this person and your anger takes over and nobody can see past it. Now, you’re the unpopular one- because you created your own karma from paying attention to something you didn’t want to be on the same vibe as.

Or another example. You get dicked over by a nasty boy, and you don’t really get over it- and you spend all your time talking about how horrible he is and all of a sudden you’re a ‘bitter and obsessed psycho’. I know you’re hurting but hun look at it for what it is.

Alternatively, you could get dicked over by a boy and retreat, do a bit of healing, handle it with dignity and move on- receptive to a better ‘relationship’.

Karma is not your ally, it is a force. Your only concern is your own karma, and we determine our own karma everyday through our perception and our choices. Which is why it is ALWAYS in our best interest to focus on ourselves, first and foremost. It is all in the way we conduct ourselves.

When I was growing up, my Dad used to tell me ‘if you go through life with a good heart and pure intentions, things can’t really end wrong for you’.

So far I have found that out to be true.

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