what does it mean to ‘give away your power’?

A lot of people don’t know what it means to ‘give away your power’ because it’s all they’ve ever known. Reacting to things, operating on autopilot, doing as they are told, generally feeling powerless.

The world is designed to make us feel powerless. Trapped in a little bubble of fear staying small and playing by the rules so everyone gets on easy breezy. Mindlessly going to a job that makes you feel numb, keeping your aspirations a fantasy, settling into a life that you just went through the motions to get. The people at ‘the top’ want us to feel stuck.

Some people are perfectly happy like that and I am really glad, in no way am I shitting on anyone’s idea of a good time- but a lot of people aren’t happy like that. It’s quite depressing to some people.

Because the world is changing, and social media/ technology has advanced- we are entering the age of Aquarius. In other words, we are now a generation of ‘woke’ people not knowing what to do with the fact that we’re ‘woke’.

A lot of people like to give away their power by giving into compassion fatigue. Playing victim to manufactured hysteria. Telling others how they should live their life. People usually make a choice to do this out of boredom.

For example, working class environmentalists will feel powerless at how little of an impact their metal straws have in saving the world; and will attack multi-millionaires such as Kylie Jenner for being stingy with her wealth, jetting everywhere on her private plane, and generally being blind to her ignorance.

Whilst I can understand (and at times, want to react the same way to her ignorance)- I also know that by doing this I will be giving away my power. I would be focussing on something that’s unproductive and my attention would be on something that I cannot control.

You can throw tweets at Kylie Jenner and let her know that her private jet is contributing massively to global warming but if all your attention is on her, what are you doing to change the world? Not as much as you could be.

If I told you that you could sit here and greatly influence the outcome of an election, or the breakdown of the monarchy, the freeing of someone wrongfully prosecuted- even cultivate rain in Australia, you wouldn’t believe me.

You are capable of doing every single one of those things- but you won’t believe me because you’re too distracted harassing lost causes when you could be learning how to use what you have.

Back to my main point:

‘Your power’ is what you choose to place your focus on. What we feed into and what we pay attention to GREATLY impacts who we are as a person and the influence we have over people. We can pretend to be at peace, we can pretend to be calm, we can pretend to be woke- but unless your actions and your vibe matches up to what you’re saying the whole act is pretty futile.

So how can we be calm with everything that’s going wrong?

You learn how powerful you are.

Fear is the type of emotion that will stop you from ever knowing what you’re capable of- let alone do anything, so learning to listen to fear and calm it is the first step.

Think of yourself like the world really does revolve around you- because it does. Your world revolves around you.

If you didn’t have the news and constant babble of external issues barging into your space, you would wake up, go about your day and go to sleep in your own little bubble of peace and perhaps borderline boredom.

You already are living in that bubble- but you choose to place all of your focus on the external rather than yourself, your own company and your inner thoughts.

So you are choosing to give away your power by listening to the news constantly. Choosing to spend more of your time focussed on what’s going elsewhere than you choose to spend on yourself, reminding yourself that you can create change wherever you want to.

People can come to you and ask you for help, ask you to listen to them, call you names, degrade you- but ultimately you get to decide what you let into your world and you get to decide the level of impact these external things have on you.

You get to choose what you know and who you are.

There is a meditation that I’ll share one day (I’m not sure where yet) that I learned from the Shaman. It helps you filter out the noise from the world and listen to yourself, helping you understand your place in what you’re going through, what role you have to play in this, and what you can do to respond effectively.

But in all honesty, it just comes down to victim consciousness.

If you are stuck in a certain emotion there is a part of you that wants to be stuck there. You can read more about that here.

It comes down to three things that are really very simple when you know how to quiet the noise.

Going within yourself, choosing very carefully where your focus is best spent, and having expansion be your main goal.

People will follow.

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