What Are We Doing TBH

Doesn’t matter if you’re in your teens doing GSCE’s or if you’re in your 20s with a degree and a dead end waitressing job trying to figure out your next move- for the most part all of us are stressing about the massive fire pit that is life in this new age. 

I think the millennials are the justified little shits of the world who have come in and somehow realised that the whole “be born/ settle with an average job/ marry have kids/ die” is an absolute waste of about 70 years. Without wishing to be condescending or look down on anyone who is happy with that kind of lifestyle (although it probably did sound that way), the main problem this generation seems to have with it is that it’s so bloody forced upon us that the second we’re spat out of the ridiculousness that is the schooling system, we’re running about like headless chickens with no clue how to break outside the box. We either work a job to make a living and have the life sucked out of us everyday, or we break free. People try too hard to put everyone in little remote boxes. 

There have been bullshit structures set in place for centuries that I’m sure served their purpose at the time but became too rigid and restrictive to carry on living in. With the rise of science, technology, new age spirituality, change in attitudes,ETC it’s like we’re living on an entirely different planet from 100 years ago. Since even 10 years ago it’s like we’re in a different dimension. Imagine waking up tomorrow and it’s 2008, where’s your phone?? What can you do with it? How easy is it to use the Internet? What job options are there? How many people do you interact with a day? It’s madness to think about. 

We’re the first bunch of people to navigate through this new age, so of course it’s gonna be difficult to know what the fuck to do. You have to be a bit bollocky if you want to be happy, there’s no point even trying to live the old way. 

It’s your choice to break out of “the matrix” and it’s not easy, but you either work hard and end up fulfilled or you work mediocre and have it feel harder because you feel like there’s basically no point in even going through the motions. The truth is, there’s likely no instant gratification for our generation unless it’s self made. Instant gratification for us would be having payday which rewards you money to live and some bonus money to “treat yourself”, but is it really worth it if the days you worked to earn that money made you unhappy? The instant gratification that we should really be seeking, what we’re really craving, is the satisfaction from doing something exciting. The kick from doing something you feel is right. You’re here to live not to survive. Live in the feeling, because materialistic gratification is nothing of worth. 

I’m not writing this with any intention to pretend I know what I’m on about from this point on. I don’t. I don’t know what I’m doing and I’m not here to tell you what to do, but I know that we have to figure out something. So what I’m gonna do is what I’ve seen the most successful people do, people like Gary Vaynerchuck, freelance travellers making 6 figures a year living out of a truck in Thailand, social media influencers and so on. I’m just gonna do what feels right and throw myself in to it. 

Something I’ve always said is that you should know what you need right now, and know what you want to do or where you want to be, and baby step the in between. There is no right or wrong answer anymore. What if you could do anything? The world has changed so much that who is to say that’s not attainable? We’re the fuck it generation so you might as well try. 

Work the shitty part time job and get the money you need if that’s what you need to do, but just make sure you don’t put what breathes life into you on the back burner for when you retire. Who even knows if we will retire anymore? Find some kind of springboard. Some of us might even get financially lucky just by saying fuck it and doing what we love.

Get to the core of what you wanna do; help people or spread joy or entertain, then go after it. We are here for some kind of reason. We must have incarnated here and now for some kind of reason. Please just live while you’re here. 

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