It is incredibly easy to fall into a state of victimhood once we have been hurt. We feel hard done by and like the world is against us, but feeling like a victim takes away our power and doesn’t aid the situation at all.

In astrology there is an aspect which is a favourite of mine called Chiron. Known as the wounded healer, Chiron is amazing for explaining how you can transmute all pain you have felt into positivity and transform your pain into growth and love.

The Greek mythology, Chiron was a centaur meaning he was half man half horse. The man half of him symbolises his higher perspective and psychic side, and the animal half symbolises his physicality in the real world.

Because he was a centaur and he had this duality of perspectives he never really fit in anywhere; as a result he was a bit of an outcast. He was strange to humans and strange to animals, so he took sanctuary in being skilled in all of the arts, music, archery, and healing of others.

One day through no fault of his own, he was badly injured in the leg. It was really tragic because he was such a beautiful soul and he was always striving to help others. Although he was so skilled at helping and healing others, he couldn’t heal himself.

Prometheus was another demigod who was punished by Zeus. Chiron seeked out Prometheus for support as both of them were in great pain, but Chiron was so unsettled by seeing a fellow being in pain that he went to Zeus and requested to take on Prometheus’ wounds in order to reduce the amount of suffering being experienced by the collective. He figured that because he was already in pain, he might as well take on that of others in order to free them.

Zeus was so impressed by this act of selflessness that he chose to make Chiron a god in the heavens (dead) so that Chiron can help people from a place of painlessness.

In astrology, whichever place your Chiron falls in is wherever you feel most hard done by in life.

The teaching here is that if you are feeling pain, if you feel cheated by life, wherever you have felt most hard done by, you have a choice. You can either sit and wallow in self pity, or you can seek to help and support others going through the same thing. When we experience a misfortune there is an opportunity for growth and development of wisdom in this field. Reject the idea that you are a victim and instead choose to see this misfortune as a test, master the lesson and overcome that hurdle.

If you have experienced a bad break up which has really impacted your life, once healed you can relieve your old wounds by helping those who are currently going through the same thing. If you have experienced mental health issues, you can share your knowledge of recovery with those who are now where you once were.

By helping and healing others we transmute any feelings of victimhood and negativity into power and positivity. For this, we let go of bitterness, we open ourselves up to better things, we are overall happier; and this is the biggest reward of all.

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