Venus in Lucozade

I wanna talk about unfinished business. There’s gonna be some stuff happen starting pretty much now which will be going on for the next few months and will send people a bit loopy and make them confused. As an astrologer I pay close attention to what’s going on and what’s gonna happen as time goes on. Mercury is not in lemonade at the moment so there is no need to worry, it won’t be for at least a month. That being said, this coming week and all next month there will be a lot of things coming up for review, so I thought I’d write this to help everyone out. 

To put my clever hat on, I could tell you that Venus is going retrograde at 10 degrees Scorpio on the 6th October, and in to 25 degrees of libra where it will station direct on the 16th November but that just sounds like noise to most people and I would only ever say it if I wanted to show off. Which I do. 

Basically, what happens when a planet goes retrograde, is that things get put on pause and we naturally go into a state of reflection. Usually we are forced to some way or another. 

Planets orbit the sun clockwise in a certain motion, but what happens when a planet goes retrograde is that it shows down to a point where it creates an illusion and looks like it’s moving backwards. This is a good way of illustrating the effect it has on us. 

Things will be going forward, then they’ll slow down to a pause, and make you go back and reflect to see if you need to revisit, reflect, revive yourself to move forward again. Whichever planet is retrograding determines which area this state of reflection will be in. 

Mercury is the planet of communication, so when mercury goes retrograde it’s a well talked about shit show because it means that certain documents will go wrong and plans will fall through and people will misunderstand each other. All of this is because you need to re-evaluate “is there a better way I can communicate this?” “Maybe I should look over this paper work?” So you can learn how to do things better. 

So- Venus going retrograde will be focussed on all things venussy. Venus is a beautiful planet, it’s fun and about all things lovely like spending money on good times, social events, love life, etc. When Venus goes retrograde, a lot of us are gonna be looking at things we genuinely care about and seeing how we can fix the way we relate to them. We may review our spending habits and see where we can hold back a bit more for our own sakes, we may decide that we need a new group of friends or that we need to be a nicer person. We may decide to make amends with people and try and start again, there may be past lovers popping back either to get something finalised, clear the air, give things another go, or just end things on the right note. 

Any kind of retrograde will bring up a lot of emotion, so what I will say is to just keep yourself grounded and patient and always make decisions knowing that they’re coming from the right place. Do things with a pure heart and good intentions and not much can ever really go wrong. Do what’s best for you. 

Stay away from rushing into new things, being really “go, go, go!! Spend!! Pipe!! Run away!!” because Venus retrograde may make you a bit like that but that’s the side you’re best off ignoring before it gets you in trouble. 

It’s always important to finish business, reflect, learn a lesson, and get through it when it first comes up for review. This is why I’m always telling people to acknowledge their feelings and fears and work through everything, otherwise you’ll just be stuck in this weird time loop feeling hole where things just repeat themselves in different ways and you end up feeling shite. It is quite literally written in the stars that we have lessons to learn and things to do, so as always, go with the energy and not against it to make for an easier and less distressing time. 

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