The World Is A Mess And Here Is Why

Take a good look around you right now. Take a look at yourself right now. Are you depressed yet?? Have you realised that everyone’s an absolute mess with no sense of direction and not a morsel of motivation? I can sense (using my powers) that you’re probably quite uncomfortable because I’m asking some very deep questions and am wired to filth right now after a caffeine binge which was a big mistake.

I am here to report a big brain explosion that I must share or else everything will catch on fire.

The reason why you can’t keep a love interest, the reason why you can’t make much money doing what you like, the reason why everything is so shit right now and you’re just frantically running round getting mightily wankered at every given opportunity is because you have been PROGRAMMED to be that way. Unintentionally perhaps, but you have. The only thing you need to do in order to break this programming, is have it brought to your awareness. That is what I feel guided to do. Stay with me. I know it’s difficult because I’m talking like a child on crack but I promise I do have something to say.

The main problem that a lot of us struggle with is our sense of self. Things aren’t like how they used to be. I have spoken before about how we’re living in such a different world, which is constantly changing and evolving at a rapid speed. Technology that we never had before, structures that have never been in place before, a wider growing sense of social acceptance, people WAKING UP.

We’re all just waking up, and its uncomfortable. We struggle to find a sense of stability and the second anyone gets a little bit deep, talking about something a teeny bit mindful, people wince. People don’t like speaking about deep things because it reminds them of every scary little thought that keeps them up at night. It reminds them that they don’t know what’s gonna happen next.

Then, because we don’t really have a sense of self or a sense of stability, we lost our sense of connection. How you gonna connect with someone if you spend all your time either becoming like them or hiding things from them? How you gonna realise what you want/don’t want, like/dislike if you have no sense of self? You can’t be alone and you can’t be with someone else.

Then, boom, you’ve had a meltdown.


We go to school. School is the first way in which we are programmed. It is also the most obvious way.

Let me explain to you why school is the biggest load of horse shit you will likely ever have to endure.

School is alright in the sense that you get to experience the system. You learn to socialise with people, you meet a bunch of different human beings, you learn social norms and values. You have a broad range of subjects, limited albeit but you still get some kind of sense of what you like and what you don’t like. That’s all its got going for it. Those little half assed perks of school are no where near enough to make the absolute foolishness of that god forsaken system even HALF credible.

Too many rules. Why can’t a person dye their hair bright blue and shave their eyebrows off? What bullshit excuse are you gonna pluck out of your arse next to tell a child that their individual, imaginative and unique idea is wrong? Not acceptable?

The school system is structured in trying to keep the past going. The whole system is deigned to re-enforce old fashioned ways which have no business being in this world anymore. “We’re preparing you for you future! Sit down and be quiet and do the work that’s put in front of you! Wear that uniform and ask me if you want to go to the toilet and sit next to the person you hate for 6 hours and shut your mouth to make it work because by some stroke of luck, we will be let out of here at the end of the day and THEN you can talk about how much you hate every second of it!”. How can you prepare a generation for the future when we live in an age that has no idea what the future is going to be like? How can you sit a class of 30 kids down and tell them that they’re going to be in that very specific line of work when said line of work is dying out?

The generation that schools are trying to teach, are the generation that are going to make the future. Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Abraham Hicks, Freddie Mercury, Janis Joplin, Gary Vaynerchuck did not sit down and shut up and do what they were told in school. They took from school what was necessary, but they rejected the system. They rejected the system and built the future as a result.

We have to keep moving. When the reality we live in is a reality which has been built to be the way it is by people who refused to do as they were told, and simply did what felt RIGHT, we aren’t to be following people who are telling you how to live.

Your teacher is paying the bills the way they were taught to. The education system doesn’t care about you and they’re just trying to look like they know what they’re doing because the government as we know it is crumbling all around us. Stop listening. They know no better than you. The very second you feel inspired to go in a certain direction, the second you feel drawn to a certain subject or project that you LOVE with all your energy- forget your other subjects.

I got all my GCSE’s and I got A levels. I did as I was told and it was all for nothing. I didn’t even learn anything, I just felt the need to prove myself. I could have done a course, maybe get some diploma’s, and walk away without a single GCSE and I would have more than ‘ve got right now. I’d have started building my future. I’d have skills, and knowledge, and practicality and ability to generate mass income simply by doing the things that I love. I could be a freelancer of a business owner. Instead, I got a piece of paper and a head full of “what on earth am I doing”.

You keep going through school doing as you’re told and you’ll sure as hell be spat out of the system with no sense of self, no sense of hope, and you’ll likely even develop some kind of unhealthy coping mechanism (usually addiction) to fill the void of emptiness it’s left. For the love of god, just find something useful to bide your time with and run with it. Forget practical for a second, what do you LOVE?

School doesn’t teach you about life. It doesn’t teach you about how to get what you want or how to make things work. It doesn’t teach you about how amazing it is that we’re all living on a big floating rock hovering through space and time. It teaches you to be closed minded. Stop letting that happen.

For those of you out of school:

Stop making excuses. You’re being a victim and its really boring. Figure it out. Move or be moved. Open your mind. Focus on yourself. Meditate.


That’s how initially lose your sense of self and direction. Once you’ve been introduced to the system, the programming takes place.


So now let me talk about the big one. The big thing that everyone is aware of but nobody really ever sees.

You wake up in the morning. You think to yourself, “I’ve got to wake up, I need something to get me up otherwise I’ll just go back to sleep. Need something to focus my attention on.” You grab your phone. Twitter. Love twitter. What’s everybody doing? What’s everybody feeling? What’s she feeling? What’s he been up to? How has this affected her? Hahaha they said something funny. Omg that’s so relatable I feel just like that. I can’t believe that’s happened!

You might do a little tweet. “What can I say? How is this gonna make me look? What will people like? How can I remind everybody that I am an active member of society?”

You have just spent the first 10 minutes of your day putting everyone but yourself first without even realising it. You needed something to help you wake up, so you decided to invest and entertain yourself into a bunch of other people’s lives to help you get on with yours. It was ‘easier’ to distract yourself than it was to sit up, meditate, spend some time with yourself and your thoughts. Getting to wellness and stability. There is nothing wrong with social media, however there is flaw with the way we allow it to dictate our lives and our connections. It’s subtle programming. Social media is always secondary to how you are supposed to live. Social media sways our emotion so much because it’s full of opinions and triggers and people we care about- it’s so emotionally involving that it’s so so easy to forget that we come first. It’s up to you whether or not you agree with that, or whether or not you want to be following this type of people. You don’t have to be snooping, just talk to someone.

You hear people going “I wanna be a Kardashian”, but if these people could actually wake up the next day and BE a Kardashian if they knew what it meant to be one- they’d go “ehh idk man I’ve got the dentist tomorrow” and make up some bullshit excuse. The kardashian’s don’t use social media like we do, they don’t feed into it they run it. They work. They don’t soak up everyone’s bullshit and put themselves secondary to someone who posts pretty selfies and is livin la vida loca, they use it to boss life and advertise their GENIUS business model. The Kardashian’s are successful in life and (debatably) love because they put themselves first. Take this as a vague and simplified example for the sake of ease.

Its by realising this that you set yourself free. The second you realise that you are the basis of your life, you hold all the power, you get to decide what happens between you and your connections with people; you will be at peace. Good things happen when you make space for them.

Social media is all appearance, things can change in a second. You never really know what’s going on, and if you don’t have that connection with yourself, that stability with yourself, that sense of self; you will be stuck.

SO I’m not saying give up social media. Social media is a fantastic catalyst for our future but the way we are relating to it isn’t that great. I’m simply bringing this to your awareness so that you can remember who you are. Take a moment.

The answer to getting rid of this programming is to get back in touch with ourselves. Lead with your souls, remember who you are.

This awareness will have triggered something within you that will really resonate and motivate change one day. It might be years down the line or it might be immediately. I was called to share this. I’m glad to have been a channel. I’m gonna take a nap now.

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