The Science Behind Chakras and Energy Healing

A chakra is a wheel of energy located in the body. We have many chakras, however we tend to focus on 7 main chakras. The root, the sacral, the solar plexus, the heart, the throat, the third eye, and the crown. 

The science behind chakras involve some pretty complex science. It involves a lot of quantum physics. If you would care to do your own research, I will link a video below which speaks to the science behind all this stuff. It’s connected to the nervous system, the vagus nerve, and so on. The physical acts as a mirror to the energetic.

Whether you care about the science or would rather focus on the mysticism, you get the same result as it is all truth. 

Every single person vibrates at a certain frequency. We are made of atoms, elements, matter which originated from space during the Big Bang. A good example of this is how we can sometimes hear ringing in our ears unprovoked, it’s us picking up on a frequency which we are adjusting to. 

This energy surrounds us and this energy is what makes our chakras. 

As modern medicine and advances in the field of science and technology arose, we became very zealous in the way that society views health. We sacked off all credibility that energetic and spiritual healing works because we had more tangible quick fixes and a curriculum which taught the complex science that was involved in modern medicine. Just because society doesn’t focus so much on the science behind energetic and spiritual healing, doesn’t mean it isn’t there. 

If there is a blockage or an imbalance in one of your chakras (which is usually caused by mental or emotional strain that is not dealt with), it can manifest in either a health issue or an emotional issue. 

To give a brief overview, the root chakra is responsible for survival mechanisms and your place in physical reality. The sacral chakra is centred around creativity, sexuality, addiction and the inner child. The solar plexus speaks of your personal power and how you conduct your life. The heart chakra is responsible for your ability to be soft and loving towards yourself and others, remaining protected while still being able to be open and loving. The throat chakra speaks to your authenticity and your ability to communicate well. The third eye chakra is centred around your intuition and your ability to balance physical reality as well as mental chatter; and the crown chakra is about being able to be open minded and see more than one perspective. 

If the chakras are imbalanced things in your life can go tits up really easy and it’s likely that you may lose the plot for a little while. 

It is important to be balanced in your judgement of chakras with regards to physical health. It is important to be balanced in your judgement with regards to how to treat a health issue, and it is important to focus on practicality of mainstream medicine as well as the effectiveness of spiritual treatment. 

The chakras can be balanced through meditation, reiki healing either performed by yourself or a practitioner, or lifestyle changes and some kind of therapy. 

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