The New Year

We live in a world of duality, and there are certain ‘universal laws’ which apply.

We as human beings are limited through our 5 senses which can trap certain groups of people in a bubble of work, survive, sleep.

For others, we are more aware of the duality. The fact that there is more to life, the openness and curiosity towards what lies beneath the veil, the way we are able to create our own reality and break outside of the bubble.

Numerology bares significance in this duality. Numerology speaks about how certain formulas surrounding numbers are like a hint towards what is going to be energetically in store for that particular thing being referenced.

For example, a person’s birthday can make a lot of hints about a person’s life path, purpose, etc.

Likewise, a year and the number of the year can speak very much of what is in stall for the year ahead.

Do you remember in 2016, everybody died. There were 30+ big celebrity deaths, starting with David Bowie and ending with Debbie Reynolds. Carrie Fisher died, George Michael, Muhammad Ali, Prince, Harper Lee, Merle Haggard, the list goes on. These were highly influential figures. 

2016 was numerogically a 9 year. 2+0+1+6=9. 

9 in numerology means the completion of a cycle, the end of a chapter.

I’m not saying these celebrities were killed by the number 9. That’s not what I’m saying numerology is.

When souls incarnate, we choose our life path. What we’re here to do, what we’re here to learn. Our subconscious will guide us through life as we are kind of meant to live it, not down to the very detail but as a brief overview. This is why if something is truly meant for you- of course to a degree you have to make it happen- but it will ultimately happen whether or not you have consciously made it so or not.

The universe speaks to us through synchronicities, so these influential characters must have had it written in their souls ‘blueprint’ if you will, that they will come here to influence, change people’s attitudes, and once that contract (among others) is up, their time in this life has come to an end. They have fulfilled their purpose in this incarnation.

So where am I going with this?

2018 was an 11 year. Numerology doesn’t usually do double digits unless they’re repetitive such as 11, 22, 33, etc. 

Many people expected 2018 to be the year that everything comes together because of the way 11 is usually known as the number of unity, manifestation, awakening and alignment. 

But if you look at that number again, its two separate 1’s.

I perceived the 11 year as being one where you learned duality to be able to make it unified. The year where you had every crutch and bad coping mechanism snatched from you so that you could awaken and learn independence, strength and self value. It has been incredibly intense.

A further synchronicity which attaches to the 11 year is the astrological review of it. During the summer there were 5 planets in retrograde at once, there have been several eclipses, the year has been driven by intense energy which has forced people to re-evaluate their ways and adapt their lifestyles in dramatic ways. 

When you say “oh everything is crazy because mercury is in retrograde and we’re in an 11 year” you sound crazy because of how simplified and hard to understand that is. When you are explained it, and when you understand it, you will just see. Everything adds up, its duality. 

2019 is a 3 year. 

3 is known as the number of communications, luck and unity (the mother the maiden the crone, the father the son and the spirit, etc.), it’s the number of expansion.

In 2019 we can expect things to come out of no where that are aligned with our souls path, be it communication, opportunities, meeting people who help us. We can also expect reconciliation with loved ones from the past who are destined to be in our lives (unifying old flames if they’re destined to be together, given the label ‘soul mates’ or ‘twin flames’. The number 3’s energy also encourages generosity, power and positivity. It inspires, so we can expect to be able to give more with what we get- and not get so down in the dumps because at least we lived through 2018. 

If 2019 was crappy, its because you woke up, or at least you’re being encouraged to wake up. You learned to give, you learned to receive, you learned where to draw the line. 

Going in to 2019, be optimistic and open. Have faith that just because you cannot see your blessings does not mean that they are not there, and despite the fact that you have to work for what you want- you will get what is meant for you no matter what. Trust the process. 

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