The Dream Diaries: nightmares and lessons

This is the third entry I’ve done where I talk about my ‘psychic’ dreams.

People seem to actually like them a lot, which is cool. People also message me about their weird dreams now, which is sick because some of them are crazy.

Dreaming is probably the easiest way that you can tap into your psychic side and ‘awaken’ yourself.

Lately I’ve not been getting them as vividly. They’ve made me feel more than remember. Like I won’t remember what happened, but I will remember that I felt uncomfortable.

I kept having nightmares a couple of weeks ago and usually when I get them they throw me off for a couple of days purely because they’re so real. It makes me wonder if somebody really is mad at me, or if somebody is plotting against me, or if the emotion I felt in that dream is valid.

Being ‘psychic’ can be relatively abstract at times because it can be tricky to figure out what’s worth reading into and what’s not.

Some things I predict are literal and unfold exactly as I see them- other things I predict are metaphorical.

I spoke to the Shaman about a dream I had that was set in the past where her and her son were really mad at me. It made me really anxious.

She told me that those of us who can travel through consciousness while asleep (a three bedroom house) can get ‘gribblies’ (darker energies) attached to us when in inorganic realms.

*** I explain the term ‘three bedroom house’ in this article ***

So to put it another way- we’re just walking around in the dream world as a normal soul minding our own business, and then some weird monster nit clings to us like a mosquito to suck up our energy and make us paranoid or insecure. While that nit thing is feeding off us, we experience a nightmare, and if we wake up without knowing what it is to be able to clear it- we will continue to feel unsettled until we acknowledge that what we are feeling isn’t ours.

Sounds hella Harry Potter but if you were on acid or something you would know what I’m talking about in a second. It’s all about how far your consciousness can go.

Anyway. She said that these ‘gribblies’ can morph into anyone you know and will feed off your emotional state.


I don’t know but I also don’t know why that would be important.

She said that if you can get to a state of lucid dreaming, you can clear them away and resume back to peaceful dreaming.

So I’ve been trying to focus on recognising what’s causing a nightmare while I’m still dreaming.

Just thought I’d share that because it’s pretty cool. I’ve never had night terrors (thank goodness) but I wonder if that’s the same thing.

Also, while I haven’t been remembering my dreams quite so vividly, I have remembered the meanings of them. So I’ll share the lessons I’ve got from my latest dreams below.


If I were to spend my time focussed on what all the other people in the world might judge me for, I would be wasting all the energy I could spend helping people on trying to prevent something that will happen regardless.

You can’t pour from an empty cup.

There are so many people on this earth and we are all made completely differently with different outlooks, perspectives, ideas, morals and values.

We have the same core beliefs but follow different religions. We all want good health but pursue it in different ways. We all love but show it differently.

The challenge we are here for is to learn to coexist.

If you go through life doing the very best you can, a group of people are bound to see some kind of fault in what you are doing purely because we’re made that way. But it doesn’t mean that you’re not loveable, and if a person tries to make you feel less than loveable it means that they feel they are competing- therefore they feel loveless.

If you acknowledge that people are entitled to their own ideas, and your identity is not shaped in any way by this- you’ll be able to live in peace.

If you acknowledge that the world *does* actually revolve around you (because you are in charge of your life and what treatment you allow), you soon enough won’t care what people think.


If you meet somebody that you actually like, for as long as you’re being inauthentic or trying to impress them you are purely wasting time.

In the most empowering way possible, we are all going to die regardless.

Because you set the tone for your life, in order to attract the kind of people you want to stay in it you have to be unapologetically yourself.

I’m not saying ‘go to the other end of the scale’. I’m not saying just be the most toxic version of yourself in hopes that someone will love you anyway, because that’s just called being a dick.

I’m just saying that if you want to be able to talk freely in front of somebody, or make your boundaries known, or be able to act weird without someone judging you- do it. If they leave or get offended, they leave and get offended. If they decide to see you as a crazy bitch they’re within their rights to because honestly and truly it doesn’t matter. Cos I will think they’re repressed and fearful. I’m allowed to do that too.

It doesn’t mean you’re too much it just means you’re on different levels. (pls refer to point number 1)  

It’s better that somebody would run away at the first hurdle than become emotionally attached to an idea of who you are- because when they find you aren’t the person they thought you were- they’ll still run and it will just be more painful.

It’s better to be alone than inauthentically accompanied.


People can plot against you, or be jealous, or spread rumours- and your dreams might tell you about it, but I promise you really do not have to care.

You literally do not even have to pay attention to something that makes you feel bad. You don’t owe anything.

You don’t have to be scared- because being scared just means you doubt yourself. You’re scared that you aren’t going to be enough to handle yourself and be stable when people are wanting to kick off.

Well if you are stable and you know you can handle yourself- you know that you have nothing to prove and can just shut down anything at the first red flag.

If anything, being aware of the fact that someone is ‘plotting against you’ gives you the ability to detach emotionally before it happens.

^ That one was a cool dream. Made me feel v powerful.

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