The difference between “projecting” and “teaching”

I’ve said before that if you are living with a pure heart and pure intentions and you STILL cause controversy- it is likely because you were put on earth to expose/ teach/ open peoples minds to a new perception of the world. 


And when you don’t understand that purpose, it can be very painful. It can be really hurtful being the misfit, never feeling like you belong, constantly rejected, isolated while surrounded by people. 

You gotta go on a whole journey where you build resilience and choose love over everything else, you may feel that you have to push extra hard to learn how to be happy- but at the end of it all you realise that it was very simple all along. 

You came into this world pure, and it was confusing because you didn’t know yourself. 

But when you know yourself, and you love yourself unconditionally, and you are aware of all the power you hold- being you means that you offer something to the world. 

A unique perspective that you came here with. 

So when you recognise that you are here to act somewhat as a “teacher” it can be a tricky thing to navigate. 

If you still feel you have to take on a role, or step into this “duty”- your ego and wounding can come out and ultimately cause you pain again. 

Humans have this complex about them where we feel like if something is gained from struggle- we should be extra proud of it. 

“I endured this that and the other, constant sleepless nights spent on my grind, I have worked myself to the BONE and look at this house I got out of it”. 

In reality, things come much easier to us simply by us altering our states. 

It takes practice, self development and an open mind but truly anything is possible. 

But anyway, my point here is that because we feel as though we have to struggle for success- when we awaken to the fact that simply being ourselves is our one job in this world- we can innately feel like we have to overdo it. 

Make people like us. 

Win them over. 

Boss them about. 

And this is where we lose ourselves by projecting our wounding on to other people. 

We have half discovered our purpose when we realise our gifts- but when we realise that we genuinely do not have to do anything but make ourselves feel good in our souls, that is when things work out for us effortlessly. 

People are all going to be different forever. People are all going to have things work for them in different ways, going down different roads, serving different purposes. Focussing on them is futile. When you are invested in yourself, you grow- and people will see your growth, and they will ask you “how did you do that” and all you have to do is share your story and your insights. That is your job. 

Force is not. 

In other news: I have created a Patreon for content that can be perceived as “controversial”. On there, I teach about the other side of the realm, I answer questions about psychic abilities/ mediumship. I also teach astrology/ metaphysical practices and offer downloadable guides to help with the videos where I teach. It’s available for a small fee. Mostly because I value what I do, and I do get tired of people trying to take the piss. So if people want to take the piss while they’re paying me- that’s cool, but I won’t be taken the piss out of for free. People paying a small fee will show me that they respect me enough to gain access to the effort and energy I put in to helping people. I’ll be sure to share it once my content is set up.

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