the day after doing shrooms :)

Thoughts on shrooms

Two months after discovering my newfound love for psychedelics, I tried magic mushrooms with my boyfriend. 

We drank 1.5g grinder up in a green tea, and nothing happened. So we did it again, nothing happened. Then we started eating the shrooms. 

It didn’t taste nice, but it didn’t taste awful. 

We began to give up, thinking it was a dud. But I had hope, so we ate all the mushrooms. Lost count of how many grams. We agreed to cosy up and eat a doughnut after a few hours of listening to our spacey playlist and creating a vibe, and 5 minutes into watching Ali G- it hit us. 

The shrooms we did were called ‘golden teachers’ though due to the length of the trip being a lot shorter than acid, I didn’t learn as much as when I did that. The trip lasted about 4 or 5 hours. We put the trippy playlist back on and had a childlike excitement and love for life while knowing we were high. In this time we did some drawing and we looked deeply into each other’s faces exploring the intricacies and morphing of each other’s faces. 

The visuals were a bit different to LSD. With LSD the visuals were crazy, peoples faces melting, there were electric lines of colour everywhere. With mushrooms, everything kind of looked like it was a technicolour vintage TV picture, and people’s faces had two outlines. It was fuzzy. Faces didn’t melt as much. It was just super colourful.

At one point, I remember saying to my boyfriend “my face is a house, and your face is a house, and sometimes we come out of our houses and talk to each other and it’s cool that we get to share that”. Tripping with another person you are still very much in your own experience and body but the feeling of ecstasy bounces off each other. I also remember being really fascinated by the concept of language. People can just say anything and based off what they say, or what they think you want to hear, we base our opinion of them. But we don’t really know who they are just by hearing the words they say, the image they want to portray to us. We are just souls, mounds of energy navigating the planet with our own mission. Nobody really knows us, but when tripping (or just in a state of being really grounded and rooted in yourself) you can see and feel so clearly. You can see people’s defences and limitations, where they resist truth or self exploration, you see their fear and inner self. You want to help them understand but you know sometimes you can’t. 

Nothing matters, but you feel everything so intensely and you know to just let go. 

To the reader, this sounds like the mushrooms turned my brain to absolute mush. Well first of all it already was mush, but also these are the things you really experience when tripping. You are filled with a sense of awe at simple mundane intricacies we would otherwise ignore. 

I also remember creating. The visuals were so cool and I didn’t want to let them go. So I was filled with inspiration (free of expectation) that I just put pen to paper and it didn’t matter what the product looked like. I felt such joy and creativity that I drew what I felt I saw, but it didn’t need to be accurate. Art is not good or bad, it’s an objective bunch of squiggles, but the emotion and energy you put into that art is what strikes people. It’s not even pretentious when you don’t care about what it looks like, it’s free. The art was really abstract and easy, but without doing art while tripping I would have over thought it and been consumed with a sense of “does this look good? How will this be perceived?”. You make what feels good, and people will feel that like it’s infectious. 

My boyfriend and I also looked at each other in the mirror for a bit, when you’re tripping there’s just a whole fascination with yourself and the fact that you are in your body. It’s like a happiness to be here. 

My favourite part of it is when my boyfriend and I went to brush our teeth, and his toothbrush was electric. It was the funniest thing ever. I brushed my teeth with two hands on the toothbrush to try and contain myself but we were just hysterically laughing. It was fun. 

Again- as I said in the piece about my acid trip: you don’t need the substance to feel these things. It’s all in your brain, through meditation or breathing or self exploration you could feel these things without the influence of a mushroom or fungus. That said, if you do psychedelics, they unlock receptors in your brain which you’re able to focus on when sober. Sometimes when I smoke weed (alone) I get visuals from the aftermath 1 acid trip. 

You have to be careful with these things because they are addictive, but you don’t need them. It’s just a fun journey of understanding and experience. 

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