the dangers of mediumship

As a tarot reader/ generally spiritual person it’s taken a lot of trial and error to learn to use my ability to channel correctly. I’ve had to make mistakes. For about 5 months I completely shut down and closed my heart to the idea of spirituality because I took it too far.

Now I’ve been able to learn from my mistakes, I thought I might share some things I wish I knew mediumship could lead to.

There is a huge movement where spirituality and mediumship is becoming popular again (which is a bit mad to me) and it’s important to be clued up and not just blindly follow the trend.

Points covered

  • Delusion and vulnerability.
  • Being an empath and carrying other people’s pain (not knowing where it comes from).
  • Having people exploit you and being guarded of your energy.
  • Being the ‘target’ when in a home with an unsettled ghost.
  • Delusion and vulnerability

Being able to channel requires the ability to get yourself into an incredibly open state. Not just open minded, but receptive to any kind of useful messages that come your way. This happens through meditation, but as you get better at channelling it will require less concentration to get into this state.

If you don’t come out of this state properly, if you resume to life too quickly, being up in the clouds like that all the time can make you incredibly vulnerable.

In life, we need to see things for what they are and respond to what we see. Not coming out of that state can mean that you are always wanting to see beneath the surface, which can lead to some very confusing and distressing situations.

For example, somebody may be treating you horribly, but you tap into this state of mediumship and you are able to find out why. You see that this person is in a lot of pain, they are very lost, they have been treated badly before. Because you can understand- you don’t feel the same anger that you would feel to simply acknowledge the disrespect. As a result, they might just get away with it. Because you can empathise, you excuse their mistreatment of you- and to put it bluntly, you get treated like a mug, and this can be dangerous. Especially if somebody is violent.  

You need to get to a state where you can sense that this person is in pain which is causing them to mistreat you- but you are grounded enough to come back to earth and say ‘okay, I get it, but treating me like that is out of order and I’m not putting up with it’.

There is also the risk of becoming a bit deluded.

The spiritual community’s selling point is to do with the law of attraction. The appeal of ‘spell work’ is being able to control outcomes, but it’s a simple truth of life that we will never be able to control it- and that’s the whole point. Life is about adapting and learning from circumstances, not about planning things and having them go your way all the time. True spirituality is being okay with uncertainty.

Sometimes when we want confirmation of something so badly, ‘yes you will get that job!’ or ‘yes you are completely right!’, our mind can play tricks on us.

When meditating, if we ask spirit a question with underlying hope of how something will turn out- your given answer may not be accurate. This is where basic psychology will come into play.

If you’re wanting something that badly, the best way to predict the future is to create it. Don’t wait for a message.

Side note; there are some small groups within the spiritual community who are in terrible relationships and are under the illusion of it being a ‘deeper spiritual connection’ than it is. This is because they go into meditation, they see a bright and happy future where things work out with the person they are ‘connected’ to, and they figure that all of this is for a reason.

This is where psychology is interfering with mediumship.

You can have a good relationship- one as good as the one you’re dreaming of; but not with a person who’s treating you like crap.

Get out of that relationship and find it.

  • Being an empath and carrying other people’s pain (not knowing where it comes from).

An empath: a person with the paranormal ability to perceive the mental or emotional state of another individual.

There are more empaths going about than you may realise, but a lot of people don’t know it.

If you walk into a room where there’s just been an argument, the energy feels heavy and tense and uncomfortable.

You are picking up on the emotions of those around you.

Similarly, if you walk into the gym- everybody is really high energy and motivated and feeling good about bettering themselves. As a result, you then feel the same way, you’re happy to be there.

This is a prime example of what being an empath feels like- but if you pursue this in a spiritual way, there are a lot of dangers.

I am very particular about who I spend my time around now because as an empath I found myself becoming depressed and down trying to be friends with certain people who just weren’t in the same energy as me. It’s very easy to lose yourself in other people. If people are bringing you down, you can’t help to bring anyone else up. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

To work spiritually it is vital that you get to know your own boundaries and recognise your value before you start giving your energy away. It’s not an easy thing to get back once you’ve compromised it.

In April I did 3 tarot events for charity where I would read for like 10 people a day, and on top of that I worked with about 10 clients who booked in with me for private readings. I was doing all this while studying for two diplomas and working a 9-5 job.

Taking on so many people’s energy and not separating myself from it was making things really difficult.  

Because of this, my energy was so worn that I couldn’t stop sleeping, I got sick, my body was needing rest.

I had to raise my prices and be more measured with time slots when I do charity events because giving away these services too easily was harming me. It was also too accessible, and the people I was working with were a low energy and didn’t always respect the advice the cards were giving.

Boundaries are an incredibly important thing and it requires a lot of introspection, self-love and healing.

  • Having people exploit you and being guarded of your energy

This is a very similar point to the last one, but I wanted to touch on it anyway.

No matter what religion you come from, the core teachings are pretty much all the same.

It is of high value to do charity work, help those in need, and generally be a good soul.

That’s great, do it, go for it, yes- but do not be a mug.

Boundaries are key. For everyone.

I find that (particularly as a woman) setting boundaries is disrespected a lot. There’s backlash, and there are many attempts to lower my self esteem to get me to compromise healthy boundaries. From people interested in dating me, people interested in my work, people who want something from me.

The main thing is that this is just a test of your own self-worth, self-love, and self-respect. If you feel the need to compromise yourself as a result of this backlash, you’re agreeing with those who are trying to exploit you- and you’re better off asking yourself why you agree with them.

What is your reasoning behind your boundaries? Is that reasonable and justified? If yes, ignore those trying to lower your standards for you.

  • Being the ‘target’ when in a home with an unsettled ghost.

This is more of a spooky one.

All the way through my childhood I had loads of paranormal experiences because I’ve always been exposed to that sort of thing, doing Ouija and being raised with tarot, living in old houses (with cool history), etc.

When I began channelling, I became the ‘target’ for ghosts who wanted to communicate, and I wasn’t always okay with that.

I remember one night I was staying at my friend Sidney’s flat that belonged to a family member whose husband passed. I had no idea about this, but I woke up one night at 3am(ish) feeling like someone was sat in the chair opposite me. It was really intense. Then every time I closed my eyes I saw this man’s face, clear as day. Then I started hearing voices. This freaked me out a LOT. I woke Sid up and described the man and she showed me a picture of someone who matched this description- and it turned out it was her family member’s husband who had lived in that flat and passed away.

I also had an experience at her Nan’s house where I am convinced a ghost cut a chunk of my hair out, but that’s a different story.

The bottom line is that you will have to learn to communicate with the deceased and create boundaries with them the same way you would with a person.

I have always said that if I see a ghost, that’s it- I’m shutting myself off completely. I tell them not to shock me, I tell them I will respect them if they respect me, all that kind of stuff. Touch wood, it has worked.

Just be prepared that you will likely have some freaky experiences.

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