The Bigger Picture

As an astrologer/tarot reader/ ‘spiritual’ teacher I’ve kind of accepted the fact that a lot of people, for now, will not take me seriously. That’s cool with me, because it’s likely that in a few years the same people will be coming to me for a reading of some description anyway.

I have spoken about my ‘awakening’ or change in perception loads of times in a bunch of different blogs explaining why reiki, tarot, and astrology makes sense and how it works. I will link those articles below.

Since learning about all these approaches and using these tools to be able to see things clearer, I have felt such a state of calm and such immense relief. It really is not that deep when you see the bigger picture.

When I was in high school I was interested in politics. It was the general election and us year 11’s were filled with angst at the prospect that the tories might get in. I watched the news and was filled with hysteria, which is exactly how the people running the news working for the government wanted me to feel. Controlled and helpless. It genuinely stressed me the fuck out every single day worrying about what *might* happen.

In plenty of relationships I have found myself self-sabotaging anything that might be good because Ive been taught how to handle situations without giving it much thought. Ive let people think for me and I’ve let their judgement dictate my actions and my life.

When it comes to jobs and my life path/ career route I have found myself doing things I hated and dreading waking up everyday because I’m doing what I’ve been told and living life in a way that I have been taught ‘makes sense’ for pure survival.

That’s not living. We didn’t come to this great big floating rock as a bunch of hairless monkeys to just do as we are told in this weirdly rigid, functional structure that we have made. We didn’t choose life only to wish it away.

When I was at the peak of a battle with mental health, I was conflicted between what was logical and what felt right within me.

There is purpose in this world, we just aren’t letting ourselves see it.

When you’re so bogged down in the day to day that you can’t see out of it, losing a job or having a fall out with a friend can make you suicidal. The news, even a weather report can make you suicidal.

Isn’t that crazy?

The people in power have been finding new ways to keep us trapped since the dawn of time.

In a world of technology, you can see it one of two ways. The people in power have more ability to control us in the sense that they can condition us, learn from us, learn about us, mimic us. By the same token, we have enough power to be able to educate ourselves and call bullshit on what they’re doing. We get to withdraw, we get to say no, and we have enough resources at our disposal to be able to free ourselves.

The people in power have kept us controlled by the news, a LOT.

I’ve always found the News a bit of a mad concept.

Sure, in the UK it’s not as bad as it is in America in terms of dramatization. Whether a report looks non-biased or not, the news can only shoot from one angle and it gets to filter what we see. The news gets to leave out information, the news gets to choose which stories are featured. All of this changes our attitudes and shapes our ways of thinking.

The news is bullshit, and obviously, everything is to be taken with a pinch of salt.

We have the choice to withdraw in this day and age.

The news that I focus on now is the bigger picture. I focus on why certain events are playing out, what it’s teaching us on a global scale. How consciousness is evolving, what is the purpose behind temporary politics and why are things going so wrong?

It is so much more freeing to see a brutal downfall of an economy in a light which shows you why it’s dying than it is to spend your days wishing to go back to a familiarly corrupt economy for the sake of comfort.

I have started a monthly newsletter which reports MY version of the news.

The newsletter is a monthly astrological report along with some tarot readings about what to expect.

During the course of the month if anything ground-breaking in the real-world news happens I will write about it from my way of seeing it too; but in a world as unpredictable as the 3d, I can’t put that all in one newsletter.

Here’s March. Have a good one 😊

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