The Art Of Alchemy

There’s something that I have been thinking about a lot lately and I’ve decided to write about it. 

People who are well respected, people who teach, are generally put on a pedestal by others (or at least they continually have been in the past) and I don’t think people realise how detrimental it is to all that is taught by them. It’s flattering, but it’s equally as frustrating. 

To be perfectly blunt and get into my hippy dippy stuff that not everybody believes in, I have channelled Jesus a few times in the past. Jesus Christ, “the son of god”, the product of a virgin birth, was nothing of the sort. The real Jesus, who wasn’t even called “Jesus”, was a regular bloke. He was a normal guy who was actually a teacher, “spiritual” teacher/ “life coach”, label it as you will. He was a normal man with revolutionary ideas and teachings and a brand new approach to things which very much went against the ways things were done in his time. 

During his time, religion was more of a brainwashing thing used as a tool for the government to manipulate people. Jesus was somewhat of a rebel spirit who was like “nah fuck that, you’re in charge of yourself”.

If anything, the man we know as “Jesus” was a down to earth and angry person. He was angry because he was frustrated that those around him would refer to him as a “god” or some heavenly mutated human- because somehow it segregated him from his peers and gave them an excuse to not REALLY listen. 

This is something that I relate to. I’m no Jesus, I’m no famous historical figure, but I go through a lot and writing about it is kind of my catharsis. I write as I go through because it helps me solve my problems, helps me see purpose in the hurt, helps me transmute and reform and connect. It helps me level up and do better. I write also because I’d like to help others not experience the same things but ultimately I do come first.

I think anybody who is willing to put themselves out there and be vulnerable in a way which others can relate to will have encountered the same issues. People feel as though they are entitled to your energy, as though it’s not to be respected, because this is just “what you do”. Let me just tell you now- that’s not the case.

People come to me for advice because I like to master something once I’ve been through it, I’m here to teach. I learn to rise and then lift others too. What I’ve had to stop doing though, is repeating myself. People have often latched on to me with no intent to solve their problems but instead have me feed energy to their demons that they can’t be bothered to solve. They just wanna take my time and efforts to help them get by without listening to the words I say. “It’s easier for you!! You’re so different!!” Is a line which I have had to process and deal with a lot. It frustrates me to hear that very much because it almost belittles the pain I have endured, and the discipline/pure hard work I have put in to be who I am today. I have pushed incredibly hard and used all my might to be where I am, and to set up where I am going. I have never had anything handed to me and I am eternally grateful for that. Literally nothing. I have always made my own money, found my own work, carved my own path, made my own way, solved my mistakes. I just think for myself. That’s all I do. People don’t know my truth, yet they speak about it in order to make themselves feel better. I am no different, I just work. 

I can understand why “Jesus” was an angry man. I respect him very much for reaching a level of self mastery where he could face those comments and remain detached and calm. That is what made him so antagonising to those who assassinated him. He wouldn’t feed in to their bullshit. He was here to live his life, do what he needed to do, and he didn’t back down from his truth. He was a regular guy. Just a guy being a dude. But with integrity and authenticity. 

The bible is pretty much all metaphorical and it has been twisted over time. “Water into wine” is a metaphor for what I call ‘the art of alchemy’. Turning a shit situation into a good thing. Pretty much the standout teaching from Jesus in my opinion. 

As a person with intent to teach and pass good on to others, you will be met by people who just want to feed off of you. A healed person will always attract the broken; some may genuinely listen and work to heal themselves, others will just want your light. Those who just want the light don’t necessarily care about you, they need you. But they’re not good for you. You must master the art of putting yourself first, and don’t let these people drain you. You cannot pour from an empty cup. 

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