Tarot and Belief

I wrote ages ago in one of my prediction posts that people would be waking up over the coming months, opening themselves up to the possibility of there being more and letting their curiosity get the better of them. Particularly when it comes to duality, and the law of attraction.

Statistically speaking, men are more likely to be sceptics and I have always faced most ridicule and disapproval from men when they find out what it is that I do.

This has changed drastically in the last few months. I have received more requests to be read for from men than I have from women, and I couldn’t be happier because to me, it shows growth. 

It has never really bothered me too much that people are sceptics because once, I myself was a sceptic and couldn’t wrap my head around it. When I had my ‘awakening’ and I looked to tarot and all the methods I had been resisting while in sheer desperation, it made sense and that drove me crazy. So crazy that I spent days at a time meditating and looking up scientific studies to try and string some kind of logical explanation up as to why this works.

An explanation for tarot which I have tried to put into words which would be understandable to a beginner is linked here

( https://beccajade.com/?p=290

Science and spirit is beginning to come together in a way which has never been possible to prove before. For centuries we have either been operating off of blind faith (such as in the days of the plague and using the abracadabra charm), or hardcore science- turning to drugs to try and repair emotional hurts and discomforts before questioning the root of it and digging deeper. As the world moves forwards, we will begin to see these two once conflicting forces begin to work together in harmony.

This is because we will begin to realise, that there is no real separation between us and that which we have looked up to and called ‘God’. We are a part of the world, and so we have a place in it. Our place in the world is a drop in the ocean, but every drop makes a ripple, and as the ripple flows, the world changes. So, we are at one with it.

Whether you come at it from the perspective of spirituality, tarot, astrology, hypnotherapy, psychology, physicality, logic, science, body training- you will find enlightenment when you are invested in what comes naturally. These things are not at war with each other, because there is truth in it all. It is all connected. People make war with these things because they find separation, pick holes in each others arguments.

When people once ridiculed me for my faith and my passion for using astrology, tarot, hypnotherapy, energy and all that came naturally to me- I researched. I researched so that I could stand tall and know for a fact that I was sure of myself. When people ridicule, it is just a test to see how much you respect your own truth and how secure you are within yourself. Once I had the answers, I was in a position of power.

This way, I could either give enlightenment or ignore. Arguing would only make me look more crazy. There is no point.

I wrote, because that way- the answers are accessible. If you have the answers written in front of you and choose not to pay attention, that’s on you not me.

This is the truth, and so, if you choose to not follow, I don’t care. I’m not the boss of it, I’m a follower who understands it.

These last few months there have been mass ‘awakenings’ and huge shifts in people’s perspectives as a result of crazy events happening and lives being turned upside down. People have hit rock bottom- in particular- men have hit rock bottom. So instinctually, they have turned to faith for answers. When you have nothing left, you turn to faith.

Doesn’t that say something? Doesn’t that speak for something? That when pre-discovered logic cannot answer or advise you, you instinctually turn to seek the answers from a brand new source?

It’s not that what you once laughed at wasn’t true before, it’s that you weren’t in the place to recieve it, you weren’t open to understanding it.

So at the end of this long ramble which I was called to speak on, I guess my message here is to surrender.

We have chatter which is instilled in us which tells us ‘don’t do this until you have this’, ‘don’t move like this unless you look like this’. We try and plan so strictly to make sure things don’t fall through, but the irony is that when we try to plan so much things will still fall apart and it will hurt twice as hard- because we are slapped with the bitter realisation that we did not know best.

Surrender to the knowledge that we do not know everything. When you feel something in your gut and in your soul, when you feel as though you need advice or information, when you feel drawn to someone against all odds- act on it. Do it with the right approach, maintain openness, and act on it.

You are always guided for a reason and will only ever realise it upon hindsight.

I am glad to see so many people waking up, and I am proud, because I know how painful it can be and I know how much bravery it takes.

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