Synchronicity and Numbers

If the universe has a message for you it will reveal itself in the form of subtle signs and synchronicities.

Around April 2017 I would see the number sequence 17.17, 18.18, 20.20 all the time. At that point, I was not a person to buy into this idea of synchronicity holding meaning- and brushed it off as a coincidence.

Then I would see signs on number-plates, in tv, everywhere. and couldn’t ignore it anymore.

At first I decided to open my mind to the idea of numbers being a sign of guidance from the universe in an attempt to make myself more optimistic. A lot of the time if you have an active brain with lots of thoughts and not a lot of gratification behind them, it can be disheartening to not have “enough” visible signs that things are all working out okay.

11.11 is the classic lucky sign, but as you read into it or begin to notice unique number patterns that you see a lot (21.21, 12.34, 09.11, 777, 13.31) it becomes too weird to be a coincidence. A week after I began paying attention to numbers, EVERY time I looked at the clock it was a number sequence like 09.09, 21.21, etc.

Then, I began to realize I was seeing these numbers as I was having certain thoughts. For example, at this time I was doing my exams to leave sixth form. When I was thinking of the changes being made in life, I would see the numbers 222. When I was thinking of helping others, I’d see 9.11 or 21.11. I would see these on number plates, the clock, likes on posts on social media- EVERYWHERE. Naturally, I was freaking out about it, telling people about it, drawing other people’s attention to it.

I looked up the meanings behind numbers, 1111 is apparently symbolic of manifestations being made and seeds being planted, 222 is about you being on the right path, 911 is about you being called to help others.

What began as me opening my mind to the possibility that something which seemed crazy would help me, became me whole heartedly believing that if you are to be guided in some kind of direction, you will receive signs which help you along the way in any form or message you respond to.

I am using the example of numbers, but however you may receive messages whether in the form of doodles, thinking of something then seeing it, or having weird premonitions; just trust it. It’s not crazy. Just because you do not understand it does not mean it is to be feared.

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