To surrender does not mean to give up- it simply means you must withdraw from the reality you have created and remember that it all comes from you. It means that you must stop trying to take hold of your situation- and instead just let it flow. When we feel great depression or weight hanging over us, we become exhausted and usually end up professing “I’m done”, “I can’t do this anymore”. THAT is your cue to surrender.

When we are clearing negative thoughts we initially get down because we are projecting our issues on to other people; “it’s not fair”, “I’m always the one being nice and I get fuck all in return”, “I’m gonna start treating people how they treat me and see how they like it”.

All this does is make us feel helpless, we are giving away our power. You are right to be angry with an unfair situation. Take it easy, be alone, and allow yourself to feel these things. Be gentle with yourself, cradle yourself, allow the emotion to flow. When something comes up like “oh it’s not fair I work so hard and have nothing to show for it”, don’t try to escape that feeling. Just let it be. Let it be felt. Comfort yourself, as if you were to be your own guardian, from a place of non judgement. “No it isn’t fair, and it’s okay that you feel that way. You work so hard, maybe it’s just time you focussed on yourself for a while”. Stop pressuring yourself.

When you allow yourself to feel, suddenly everything passes. When we have such prominent and all consuming, demanding emotion- it is normally just past trauma asking to be acknowledged. When you acknowledge it, you integrate it. It’s as simple as that.

The first few times you do this it may be very harsh, and it may feel like you are uncovering YEARS of pain because you have run from it for so long. You may begin by getting upset at a co worker who was rude to you, and end up crying because you feel as though you have never received the support you felt you should have gotten from your parents when you were younger. Then you may be crying at the all consuming loneliness you felt as a child.

The more you practice this, the simpler and quicker it becomes to deal with your problems.

What you do to clear this energy is up to personal preference. I will teach what I do, as it is what helps me.

10 minutes bath in water and salt. The salt drains you of your negative energy. 10 minutes is the time it takes for the energy to be absorbed, any longer and you will begin to reabsorb the energy that is being extracted into the bath. Visualise the negative energy being drained from you and setting you free.

If you do not have a bath, take a shower, stand under it and turn it off once you are all wet. Take your salt, and rub it all over your body so that it sticks to you with help from the water. Then, as you stand covered in salt, visualise your negative feelings being drained into the salt. Feelings may arise of negativity, but know you are feeling with intent to release. When you are ready, turn the shower back on and as the water rinses the salt off of you, envision yourself being cleansed.

This is arguably more of a psychological approach to cleansing your energy, although salt is a mineral of the earth and as we are all connected to the earth, of course natural substances do have effect and influence on us. Same way the chemicals in a plant may cure us of hay fever, the earthly energy of salt may soak up our energetic blockages. Just because it is an unheard of method does not mean it is ineffective.

After taking a salt cleanse, I would open the windows and burn some sage (anything else such as Paulo santo or some type of incense) with intent to clean the surrounding environment which I was feeling all the hurt in. The sage cleanses the air, and the opening of the windows gives it somewhere to go.

Finally, I would either go out into the world to socialise and get involved in regular life to take my mind off things and return to normality- or I would meditate.

After that you will be settled into the flow of surrender, no longer feeling such a pull to continue working yourself to exhaustion trying to control things that are seemingly impossible to work towards. THAT is where we need to be.

When we are tired of working so hard and when we experience these negative emotions we project our issues on to other people- “I’m always nice to them and they’re never nice to me”. I touched on this earlier, as we sometimes are being triggered to clear a deep seated hurt from the past.

Another thing we are reminded of during our state of surrender is that our reality is created by us. If all of a sudden we feel as though everyone is treating us unfairly, people are being mean, we give so much and do not receive anything; this is because WE are blocked. Of course we are not to be responsible for the actions of others- in the 3D I am sure that jan from the office is being a bitch because she has issues of her own going on that you are not responsible for- however as far as we are concerned we must be asking the question “in what ways am I blocked from receiving love and kindness?”.

The answer may come to you simply and tell you that you were hurt in the past and in response you decided to be cruel to others in order to protect yourself entering a situation in which you are drained. The answer here is to clear your heart of hardwired and ineffective coping mechanisms that isn’t serving you anymore.

The answer may come through meditation and deep analysis of your life which cannot be rushed.

Once you have the answer, you may work through it. Do you need to work on your chakras or do some work in the 5D with meditation and understanding of something beyond this physical reality? Do you need to meditate more? Do you need to take up a new hobby such as art for self expression or yoga for health? Do you need to change your physical life by switching job or altering your friendship group?

These are things you learn in times of surrender.

Once this process has been done, I am usually far happier for having experienced it. Just because you cannot see anything to be grateful for in your current perception does not mean that there is no end to the sadness and injustice you feel. It is simply demanding to be felt. Working through these lower energies gives us space for new and more fitting blessings to come into our lives. I am always surprised with happiness and blessings to be thankful for just after feeling great remorse.

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