Stuck like glue

Something I’m learning to do is to let go. 

There are some things that our soul recognises as right, and meant to be, but we as people are not ready yet. We are too undeveloped to handle what we are wishing for. 

We can get hung up on these things. 

We can try to force them to happen, we can try to hack the universe, we can spend endless nights up trying to meddle with the ways of the world and wondering “what is wrong with me?” when things don’t go our way but ultimately that is not serving us, and it’s not bringing what is meant for us any closer. 

If we want something from the very core of our being it is more often than not put there because it was meant for us to pursue. It is a part of us. That being said, these things take time. Certain realisations take time, certain shifts and changes take time, certain blockages and fears which are embedded in us take time to be lifted and we cannot do all of this ourselves because more often than not, they are bigger than us. 

Lifelong storylines are not meant to be completed in a single page of a chapter. These things take time. The build up takes time. 

You do not have to base your every choice, move, decision on whether or not it is in the greater good of your entire life and future. You can base your actions off of what feels right in the moment, and this is how you can be guided. I am learning this. 

The only way things get shifted in our favour is when we move. When we block our self sabotaging ego which refuses to accept the things which come our way because they don’t look as we expect them to. 

Often times, we will wish for something. Though that wish may not be granted the way you really wanted it to be, you may find yourself having to surrender to the fact that though this wish may or not manifest, you cannot put your life on pause and spend your days wishing something comes of it. 

You have to live. 

The detachment from this initial desire may feel like resistance as you’re guided to accept the here and now, and take opportunities as they come to you. It brings up a lot of fears. “Am I compromising?”, “am I making a mistake?”, “is this a bad idea?”. 

The separation feels uncomfortable. It’s like the gradual snap of two sheets of paper which have been stuck with glue and left to set being peeled away from each other. 

It can bring up so much fear and uncertainty that it may stop you taking this opportunity. But you will be put in this situation time and time again until you are ready to take that risk. 

Eventually, you will. And it is terrifying. 

Remember that life is in movement, and without uncertainty there would be no surprise. 

Lessons do not have to be painful all the time. Growth can be gentle. This is something that I am learning. 

Becoming accustomed to pain is a funny thing because although you master the art of picking yourself back up again, taking the ashes of what has just been burnt down to turn around and create an empire; you’re not sure how to access the part of you that is soft. The part that isn’t constantly striving to take the next step, and is battling with blood sweat and tears to reach number 1, but is instead actually doing things for enjoyment, and being receptive. Letting it happen. 

I cannot let go of what I believe is meant for me because it is a part of me. I think about it all the time. I feel it. 

But will it change anything to take risks? 

I have been living by the quote “live as though the universe is rigged in your favour”. 

Without movement comes no progress, and without progress comes no life. 

The lesson here is to let the universe do its work. 

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