Stuck In My Head- Niff Music review

In February this year I paid a visit to HutSound as I was working on a small documentary series exploring the world of music production.

At the time, Corin Robinson (the founder and producer) was working with Seth Mayhew on Seth and Elizas single ‘Rose Tinted Eyes’.

I arrived at Corin’s house because at the time he was working out of his bedroom. Straight away I was taken back by how professional the atmosphere was despite the fact that I was essentially in a 19 year old boy’s bedroom with a young producer and musician who were only just really starting out.

I have a lot of respect for HutSound due to how much effort and work is put in to create each piece of music released with them. Corin is really invested in this career path and it was refreshing to find that he’s a genuinely nice guy.

When I found that there was new music I was eager to write a review on it.

Stuck in my head is a new single that was released last week by Fin Watling, who goes by the name ‘Niff’. The artist worked alongside HutSound in making the track.

I’ve reviewed music in the past that I thought was ground-breaking at the time, but as I have done more reviews and been exposed to different levels of professionalism my taste has become harsher.

I was pleasantly surprised when listening to this track. In fact, I was very surprised that it was produced by this 19 year old who was working out of his bedroom in between shifts at Tesco until September this year.

It does have an amateurish edge to it which is more than expected, but the way it’s rounded in a catchy, alternative and generally trendy way is what’s so clever about it. That’s what makes indie music indie. The quality of the recording is insanely good.

Stuck in my head is an earworm, for sure. The style of it is reminiscent of the likes of Viola Beach and Hippo Campus.

It’s clear to see that Niff draws on his influences a lot.

Granted he has only released two songs (Bad is also available on Spotify) but after listening to them I couldn’t help but notice they run the risk of being a little one toned.

I feel as though Fin has unexplored vocal elasticity and it would be really interesting to see some versatility in the style of his music. I did think that I was listening to a band at first, which is telling of his potential. 

That being said, I have been walking around for the last three days ironically singing ‘she’s stuck in my head’- so Niff is definitely making his mark on anyone who listens the track.

That is a very clever technique to use as a new person in the music scene.   

I love the vibe of these people coming from a little small town with all this pent-up creativity finally getting the opportunity to launch themselves into a bigger scene.

The track is more music based than lyrically based. The intro is dominated by the synthy sounds of the guitar that puts you in a flowy state of wanting to listen on. It’s a foot tapper of a song consisting of clever meshing of instruments and harmonies. There’s just an effortless flow to it. No part of this track feels like it doesn’t belong.

As far as the lyrics are concerned, it’s easy poetry. Easy to get ‘stuck in your head’, easy to sing along to, easy to vibe with. Fin’s voice is smooth and relaxed.

It’s one of those songs I can imagine Niff performing in the midsts of a festival that gets the audience singing along to it and feeling a real connection to one another. The kind of vibe where everyone is slowly waving their hands in the air and singing along completely encompassed by the moment. Someone is on a random guy’s shoulders reaching out to the stage, wide eyed and loving life. Someone in the back is crying. A couple of strangers are getting off with each other in the far corner because the moment is too good to miss. That’s the general vibe of this track, it has potential to form connections and shift the vibe of a concert hall. Or a field of people who haven’t showered in a couple of days and are covered in mud.

They did a really good job.

Stuck in My Head is on Spotify now and I encourage you to give it a listen.

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