some perspective on COVID-19

Coronavirus is a bit nuts at the mo.

Just a part of the process though. There is a lot of worry and hysteria which is normal considering this is the first virus in a good while that we don’t know very much about. People are referring to it as the ‘modern day plague’.

Those in good health don’t need to worry much- the main focus for people who are generally healthy is not carrying the virus and then passing it on to those who are vulnerable. The elderly, people with underlying health conditions, etc.

My nurse friend who is a third year (at Kings College London no less) said that the best thing to do if you think you have coronavirus is to drink water every 15 minutes to move it down to the stomach area, where the virus can flush itself out.

Just take care of yourself. Listen to your body, maybe pay more attention to what you’re putting into it and how you are working it.

If you are concerned about passing the virus on to others, self-isolate.

If you are particularly at risk, self-isolate.

This is an opportunity to listen to yourself and your body and to connect with yourself more. I feel like this is a time where we are being reminded that no one knows us and our bodies better than we do. The media cannot advise, the medics aren’t in a position to advise yet- so we just have to sit with the quiet and do the best we can until the science catches up.

I’m seeing it as a kick up the arse to pick up my kinesiology/ homeopathy/ herbology studies again.

It is very possible to survive and recover. It is very possible to not spread it.

I’m doing my best to stay away from the madness because it’s not the virus that’s stressing me out, it’s the people.

Panic buying, being gullible, and worse of all- being overly defensive.

Empaths are also losing their marbles because they’re struggling to realise what fear belongs to them and what fears they’re just picking up on from other people.

For some reason coronavirus is making people ridiculously angry and sensitive- and I can’t be doing with that. Simply can’t be asked.

Its also just acting as a tool for people to show their underlying racist and xenophobic blame shifting onto other races.

I’ll probably get a lot of stick for saying this (from people who would rather buy into the hysteria than look at the facts)- but looking at this weird year/ time period from an astrological/energetic/ not of the world standpoint- the world is exactly on track.

The world is going through what we like to call a ‘shedding process’.

The urgency of coronavirus, and the prospect of war, and all the crap going on is generally restructuring the world as we know it and is forcing people to re-wire their thought systems.

It’s what we call a tower moment.

Intense situations will show us how things are destined to fall apart in order for a new way to come together.

The sudden isolation/ time off work/ lack of motives is going to guide people into reflecting on their place in the world. It’s also going to guide a lot of people into their mission work and give them time to think about if they’re living in alignment with their values.

Not gonna lie, this is gonna look like one big meltdown for a lot of people as being forced to re-evaluate your entire life and place in the world isn’t pleasant. But we go through these things to be able to gain depth and align with our next part of the journey.

Those who come out of it will be a part of a generation who will change the world and bring society into it’s next phase.

You can expect a lot of people to be changing career direction.

I’d go so far as to say there may be some kind of economic ‘crisis’ following this coronavirus, but then it all depends on if the world is ready for what the people will be doing or not.

Will the old structure fall apart because they’re not expecting it or will they be ready for change and prepared to adapt?

One day, the government will collapse and we will have to restructure it.

One day, England will be humbled to the point where the old narrative of being arrogant and ignorant and “Britain First” will be wiped out.

One day there will be more open minded than closed minded people and we will be able to deal with problems more efficiently as opposed to denying it and sweeping it under the carpet for the sake of ‘pride’.

One day we will realise that we are all humans living on broken up pieces of rock. And we have absolutely nothing to prove, and it’s not about how we are perceived, and it’s really not that deep.

One day our version of open-minded will be closed minded and we will probably have to remain open forever. That’s an exciting thing.

For now, all the necessary shit things are happening in order for us to get to that point.

This isn’t the medical advice you were after but I’m hoping it might be the voice of reason somebody was looking for.

I understand and sympathise with the worry- but try to acknowledge it while not identifying with it. Panicking won’t do anything. If there’s nowhere else to turn, listen to what your soul is telling you.

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