It is absolutely fine to be hesitant or not willing to throw yourself into total belief. It is good to question things and not just blindingly follow hat you are told- however to keep an open mind and consider how the dots can be connected; that is a very important thing to have.

In the old days people were superstitious because science was a pretty much undiscovered thing. Connection to the elements and such were a logical explanation, thus spirituality was born and lived by.

As we developed and learned more about science, we began questioning all that we knew. For medicine, science was an absolute problem solver, so we began to believe that science was the only way. For the most part, society did a complete 180 from belief to science.

Since then, there have been things we can’t explain. Mental health issues for example. Things that medicine and science cannot always fix. Things that remain a mystery.

People are often “saved” by faith or belief- but this faith and belief is simply tapping into the idea that there is more that we have not yet discovered the tools to logically explain yet.

If you were to have told a plague victim that a vaccination could have cured their life threatening disease, they would have looked at you as though you were spouting overly simplistic and non sense making baffle. Just because we did not understand how the vaccination would work does not mean it would not have worked. An openness to the possibility that it could work, and an openness to listen to science would have saved a life.

In the same way, just because we do not have complete set in stone scientific proof to back up why hidden things work, just because a lot is left to mystery, does not mean spirituality is a myth and it doesn’t mean these methods will not work. Science will catch up eventually. We are already trying to connect the dots with experiments and a somewhat spiritual revolution.

When people say they have used holistic methods to heal their mental health issues people look at them as though they are crazy because of the stigma placed on spirituality in the past and how it has not worked. In doing so, we overlook all the times it has worked. We stigmatise this as “eccentric” “crazy” and “ridiculous” the same way we are stigmatised for being “crazy” and “eccentric”. An open mind can truly heal all.

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