Signs That You’re “Psychic”

Let me start off by saying that if you’re reading this post with the image of some mystic meg con artist looking into a crystal ball and charging you ridiculous amounts of money to spout seven layers of bullshit at you from some caravan somewhere- bin it off. There is more to this world than what we have been shown and taught to believe, and if you’re receptive and interested in it you will likely be more naturally inclined to see beyond what meets the eye. 

Every soul on this earth has psychic ability, it comes more naturally to some than others but if you work at it, we all have higher levels of knowing. 

There is 

• Clairvoyance. (clear seeing)

•Claircognizance. (clear knowing)

•Clairaudience. (clear hearing)

•Clairempathy. (clear emotional feeling)

•Clairgustance. (clear tasting)

•Clairsentience. (clear physical feeling)

•Clairtangency. (clear touching)

•Clairsalience. (clear smelling)

To be psychic does not necessarily mean to be a fortune teller. To be a psychic is to understand that time is not linear, and it is to be able to see an outcome based off of a current circumstance. It is to be able to advise someone to have a more desired outcome by changing a certain circumstance. It can also mean teaching a higher level of understanding, bringing unseen factors and truths to light, bringing some kind of new ideas to the world, it can mean being a healer. It can mean many things.

Signs of being one of these “Clairs” has been normalised in society BECAUSE of how common they are in people. To have psychic ability is not some kind of elitist thing. How you use it or invest in it really depends on whether or not you feel called to really hone in on your ability or whether you choose to just allow it to guide you through your own life. Randomly getting a song in your head or randomly hearing some kind of voice in your head is clairaudience; having vivid and strange dreams or experiencing de ja vous is a form of clairvoyance. Walking into a room and picking up on the vibes is clairempathy, the list goes on. 

Some people can go their whole life blissfully unaware and be fine with it. Others are destined and forced to have some kind of “awakening” which honestly can be very disturbing. Those who are forced into this “awakening” go through the process not because they have been chosen by a higher power but because they have chosen this subconsciously. People who are forced into an awakening are usually destined to go through this because they were put on this earth to influence, and do things out of the ordinary. To make their mark or just be a drop in the ocean which causes a ripple effect. It doesn’t make a person any “better”, it just defines their path as different.

When people wake up to their ability to see or feel more, because of weird coincidences, synchronicities, paranormal experiences, they freak the FUCK out and question their sanity. Honestly depending on how reluctant you are to believe in the unseen it can really shake a person. People get weirded out and begin to feel as they are being controlled when the reality is you’re breaking free, it’s about learning to work with what you’re awakening to rather than running from it.  I honestly thought I was going insane when I was waking up and I come from a VERY spiritual family, so it’s natural to be a little scared. It got to the point where so many coincidences and weird things were happening to me everyday that I was forced to believe. I now don’t even consider it a belief, it’s a knowing.

If it helps  to set boundaries- do so. When I was growing up and started trusting my ‘inner knowings’ and stuff there is one thing I made perfectly clear and that is that I refuse to ever see a ghost. I made it perfectly clear that I would hear spirits out, I would deliver messages I am sent, I would be happy to embrace everything I was experiencing but if I were to see a ghost it would scare me to the point where I would close myself off. To this day I’ve never seen a ghost- I’ve felt them and have had encounters with them but I’ve never seen one. If a relative of mine that has passed wants to communicate with me, they will visit me in a dream to respect my boundaries.

People look at “mystics” as a load of bollocks because the label has a reputation, and people close themselves off from belief. People look at tarot cards or crystal balls and see a piece of card or a piece of glass and don’t understand how they’re used. They’re tools to help people access the subconscious mind, to help bring forth a “higher knowing”. They don’t hold fortune or power, they amplify the messages which guide us along our paths. 

People have been taught from an early age that there are things which are real and things which aren’t real, and as a result from an early age children close off their ability to see or feel things which “aren’t there” because they have been scared off of it, or simply taught to ‘evolve’ out of it. Children are amazing in their abilities- children can recall past lives at the click of a hand and there have been cases where some parents have looked in to the history of the stories they recite and are able to trace back all information to a person matching the EXACT IDENTITY being described. Children see “imaginary friends” and we put it down to make believe. As we grow older we can become so closed minded that we believe it is just us teaching the child, but we have so much to learn from children in turn. We help them adapt to this world, and they help us access and adapt to to a different world. 

Think of it like this. There are dog whistles which dogs can hear and we can’t, there are TEENAGE whistles which are played outside of certain establishments that teenagers can hear and elderly people can’t to keep teenagers away from lurking. There are colours animals see that we can’t, there are tastes which we can’t access, things people see while they’re off their tits on hallucinogenic drugs, who knows to what degree that goes on? Who is to say that fairies don’t exist, or that ghosts aren’t real, or aliens aren’t a thing? Who is to say that we can’t look in to the future of have visions of the past? How the fuck could anybody make some of this stuff up and where would they even get the ideas from?

There are things that we are genetically closed off from, but there are things that we are also energetically closed off from. If we have a fear of the unknown, our subconscious will block out the unknown. If we don’t trust our intuition, we will become blind to feelings of intuition. 

Just because you do not automatically understand something does not make it fiction. When you look into it, there is research, metaphysics, ancient philosophy to back up truth. It all adds up, and just because the factor of “spirituality” is added to equation does not automatically make something a load of horse shit. 

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