let the time pass

It’s been a while since I wrote anything, mainly because I haven’t had much to write about for my personal blog.

I’ve been having that artistic crisis that creative people have where you just loathe everything you do after doing it. If I’m not writing on behalf of a company/ for a freelance job, I’ll sit down to write and will end up arguing with myself in my own brain about how self-important I am to assume anybody will care about my words, because I do actually just chat shit. But I’ll write now anyway because that’s just what we do.

2019 has deffo been the year that got my head screwed on properly and I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that many other people would say the same about themselves.

Objectively, sure, it’s been the worst year of my life- but at the same time I have achieved so much and now I can recognise that, I am so happy.

I wanted to write something just because I’m hoping to share that shift in perspective that might stop people being depressed just for the sake of prolonging the sulk. I can say it because I do it.

In April (when Saturn and Pluto went into retrograde, just saying) things got crazy, and this was when everybody will have been well aware of all the reasons their life was a sham. Unresolved childhood trauma? Yes that is something to cry about. A certain individual at work is trying to ruin your life unprovoked? Why not be sad about that too because that’s out of order. Been cheated on? Not being listened to? No family? Been kicked out? Being taken the piss out of? Life is generally unjust? Not financially stable?Add it all to the list life is shit and that’s the tea.

When you’re having to face all the things that sting you right in the soul of course life is going to be a horrible experience. You’re gonna be much more ‘sedated’ if you’re ignoring it all and turning a blind eye to mistreatment everyday- but will you achieve a happier life because of it?

Because the fact of the matter is, you can’t ignore all the horrible things in life forever. You’ll just repress it, and that’s what makes you crazy. Take it from someone who used to chew on liquorice root to try and absorb resilience.

So when we deal with terrible experiences, whether it be by reacting emotionally or biding our time and choosing our battles wisely; we’re doing something amazing and making change in our lives simply by getting on with it.

You sit at a desk everyday and feel like you’re doing nothing but then all of a sudden you’ve got a degree. Or you break up with someone who wasn’t making you happy and all of a sudden you have the option to meet someone else. It’s all ground work.

Instead of naming all the terrible things you’ve been through, list what you’ve done and take a moment to appreciate how far you have come.

If you want to grow and have a better life- you have to become the version of yourself who already has that life. That means being tested. You can’t grow without experience.

As I have said before in a whole other piece of writing; ‘you have every right to be angry, but what are you going to do with it?’.

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