In Greek Mythology, Saturn (who comes from Roman mythology) takes figure in a character called Cronus.

Cronus was the son of Heaven and Earth. Because Heaven lay upon the Earth, there was no light and it was always night.

The children of Heaven and Earth grew up unhappy because they could not see. They were imprisoned by the bodies of their parents, and there was no light.

The children of Heaven and Earth consulted as to what they should do to bring light back. Shall they slay them or separate them? Shall they let one go upwards and become a stranger to let the other remain below and be a parent to them?

Cronus was the one to separate the two, castrating his father with a sword.

He overcame this challenge and became King of the Gods for doing so.

He married and had five children, who he swallowed, because he was fearful that his children would overthrow him the same way he overthrew his parents.

When his final child Zeus (Jupiter) was born, the mother of the child fled to Crete and birthed him. She tricked Cronus into swallowing a stone instead of him.

Zeus grew up and returned to Cronus, challenging him to disgorge his siblings. He declared war on Cronus and was victorious.

Cronus disgorged all of Zeus’ siblings and was overthrown.

In Astrology, Saturn represents discipline, fear and challenges.

It demands us to get to work and work hard. To be on Earth and to succeed, we require a level of discipline and responsibility. We have to show the world what we are made of and break through restrictions.

Is there time for everything we want to do? Are there limits?

The limitations we face in going after what we want is important to Saturn. We must learn to manage and handle restrictions in order to succeed.

Since April, Saturn has been in retrograde. This happens once a year and goes on for 5 months.

During the retrograde period, we are forced to review the challenges we face which stop us from being able to achieve our goals. It also asks us to review our masculine energy in an attempt to better ourselves and the way we handle things.

On the 18th September, Saturn goes Direct.

When Saturn goes direct, obstacles are lifted thanks to your reviewal- and you are able to set and achieve the goals you have set. 

If you find yourself being thrown into a state of mental chaos and overwhelm during the Spring period- it’s because the masculine energies ruled by Saturn are undergoing great transformation. This requires you to do a lot of work from the outside in. 

Also, if you find that your relationship with your father is particularly turbulent around this time, it’s usually reflective of this universal energy. 

I like to use mythology to make sense of life and the challenges we face in it- so once I finally get my head round the story of each planet in detail Ilike to share in hopes that it might help someone else in turn. 


Since writing this I have written a whole series on where I write about all the planets in terms of astrology AND greek mythology.

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