Past Life Regression

Believe it or not it’s only in the last year or two that I’ve been full blown hippy dippy and willing to believe anything. I was very sceptical of spiritualism once, but since opening my mind and being less judgemental of the things I feel a pull to I’ve been really interested in the concept of past lives. 

I could sit here and want to do a past life regression but go “oh but my friend sally thinks it’s a load of shit and this boy I fancy called trevor will think I’m some airy fairy weirdo for showing an interest so I’m not gonna do it”, and then end up just being bored and inauthentic; or I could just do it, talk about it, and see what comes of it. What am I gaining from holding back? 

So that’s the ramblings of life over with now I’m gonna talk about the past life stuff. 

I’ve been trying to do regressions for years and have always been really frustrated at not being able to go under during the hypnosis meditations. I always found that my imagination was just making stuff up, and I couldn’t actually imagine myself in a different state without simply making up a story. 

I’ve always had really weird dreams and sometimes I’ll wake up and believe that a dream was related to a past life, but it’s always been confusing because the people in the dream were people I know now, and the setting was always quite modern. 

I had a really weird dream the other day and afterwards I did a past life regression to a YouTube video, it FINALLY worked. It was the weirdest experience I’ve had and it gave me headache after. Something to do with the third eye being opened apparently. 

While I was getting in to the meditation loads of things I’ve previously seen in dreams came up. For example, the hypnotist narrating the meditation told me to go through a door and down a staircase into my subconscious. Whereas before I’d have not been receptive because I was busy going “what the fuck I don’t see a staircase how am I supposed to imagine one”, this time I was in that state of surrender and kinda ‘if all else fails I’ll just go to sleep’. I ended up seeing a staircase I had previously seen in a really weird dream I had a few weeks ago, it was like bits and pieces of my dreams over the years were coming together and making sense to get me in this different state of mind. 

While I was in the “past life” I discovered a lot of things. The hypnotist asked me a bunch of vague questions to help me get into the state and then left me to it as the story unfolded. I imagine if I was with a hypnotherapist who I actually paid rather than one hypnotising me via YouTube, I’d have had more prompts, but this seemed to do the trick. 

I wanted to know how I knew certain people or why I felt certain ways, and as the story unfolded I learned the reasonings behind things. To cut a long story short and keep most of my business to myself, I ended up accidentally killing myself and an infant baby that I was taking care of, because I was driven out of my home for doing “a mans work” in the 1400s. Apparently the infant baby is my sister in this lifetime. It gave me so many answers to so many questions, things I never questioned before just made sense after knowing that we had been in another life together. 

I asked loads of other questions too about why I struggle to work a normal job or why I’m scared of certain things, and loads of stories and explanations came out of no where. I also asked about why I had to learn from those experiences and how I can apply those lessons to this life, why it’s significant in this life. 

When I left the meditation I had a headache and a really weird heavy feeling in my forehead. I also got loads of eye floaters throughout the day but that could have been from hayfever to be honest. I felt a lot less blocked and stuck in my life and a lot more accepting of myself and my relationships with other people. It brought me a sense of peace and was overall a cool experience. 

It took me years to be able to go under but I’m glad that I didn’t close myself off to it simply because I couldn’t do it the first couple of times. There’s not really any logical reason as to why you can’t give something a shot, or open your mind to why it may be real. 

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