Outside of the Comfort Zone

We find ourselves wishing for change, knowing we can’t stay the same forever, being eager to start new projects. We find ourselves restless and going crazy at doing the same old thing, whether you work 9-5, have so many free days you end up not knowing what to do with them, or you work from home to the point where your own little bubble now seems insufferable. 

When we finally get change, it brings a whole bunch of fears to surface. When we finally clear the blocks in our way and get what we want it’s like “oh shit, I thought I was ready and I know I can do this but what if (based off of absolutely no logic) I actually don’t want this and I would rather be bored or lonely or stagnant forever because that’s what’s comfortable!”. 

The game has gotta be played and you have to keep moving. I’m writing this for myself just as much as I am everybody else. Fears are fears, but we are in the now. Who knows what’s gonna happen? It’s a waste of thought. All we know, is that we are here now today and we get to make the most of that. If not now, when? And why are we not embracing this moment when nothing bad is actually happening? Deep down, we always kinda know what to do next and it is just a matter of listening. 

Stop asking yourself what could go wrong and instead focus on what you’re gonna get out of this. There is always an end date and something to get out of an experience. Life isn’t a trap that we just get conned into against our will, no matter how much it may feel like that sometimes. It’s something we get to go through, we get to collect all these experiences and lessons and then once we’ve got them we can do with them whatever we want. So many times we give away our own power because we just forget that we create our own lives, moment by moment.

Shift your focus to what you’re gonna get out of something once it’s over. Whether that be truth, relief, peace of mind, or the next scary opportunity that will end up being something you’re grateful that you got to do. We’re likely gonna be scared shitless at every stage in life, but fear is excitement if channelled in the right direction. Boredom can be overcome by focussing what you’re gonna get on the end date of that achievement. We always have the choice to mix it up. Life is for living and I’d rather have feeling than to just stay still. Wouldn’t you? 

There is much to be grateful for.

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