New Year and Who is Julian Assange?

It’s a new year!

I hope 2020 treats everyone as well as necessary.

In my mind the new year doesn’t really kick in until April when Aries season comes around again- but traditional new year is like the pre-game where everyone is united in motivation, trying to determine what their goals are going forward.

For those that are into my ‘psychic’ prediction side of things, I did an overview of the main things I think are gonna come out of this next year on my @tarotandthemoon insta.

I’m less inclined to do predictions anymore because of a big lesson I learned in 2019; you’re better off just living life as it comes. That said, sometimes it’s fun to just generally throw some guesses out there and watch how it plays out in detail.

One of the things I wanted to do in the new year (career wise) is use my voice more effectively.

As a writer/ storyteller/ whatever you want to call me, utilising your voice can be a tricky thing to navigate.

It has led me to say too much in the past and it has influenced me to say too little at times where I needed to speak up. It led me down some ‘self-destructive’ paths as I once had the belief that you have to say yes to everything and engage in every experience for the sake of finding a story. It has made me question my identity and how I want to come across. It’s been really interesting learning to be heard and listened to.

This year I have decided that I want to quiet all the noise. What I want to predominantly focus on from here on out is exposing the truth.

I want people to feel like they can come to me for an unbiased and easy to read account on things about topics you may not have necessarily heard of.

There is a general distrust of the news, and rightfully so. We now have so many ways of getting information and can see that for decades what we are made aware of is carefully monitored, controlled and angled.

Which segway’s me on nicely to the topic of this article.

Julian Assange.

Julian Assange is an Australian journalist, computer programmer and activist who is currently serving a sentence in prison.

In around 2006 he founded a site known as ‘WikiLeaks’ where he used his skills in hacking computers to expose confidential information on a global scale.

Confidential information being things the government doesn’t want us to see to maintain a level of control.

Such as

  • Emails from former presidential candidate Sarah Palin.
  • The Collateral Murder video
  • Afghanistan war logs
  • Iraq war logs
  • Emails sent or received by Hilary Clinton’s private email server when she was Secretary of State

He founded the website from Sweden due to the country’s laws about protecting a person’s anonymity.

In 2010 Assange was under investigation by the Swedish police for allegations of sexual assault made against him. Two accounts of sexual molestation, one of illegal coercion and one of rape.

Assange denied the allegations and said that they were made purely so that he could be taken from Sweden and kept in the United States, so he could be silenced and punished for the confidential documents he exposed with WikiLeaks.

The confidential documents which are only confidential because if the public were to find out about them, we would be pissed off about how much we are turned a blind eye to.

A European arrest warrant was issued by Swedish authorities on 6th December, meaning that Assange would need another European state to arrest him so that he can be moved to another country that isn’t the US, and put on trial or kept in detention.

Assange turned himself into the London police, and he was released on bail within ten days.

In late 2011 the High Court dismissed his appeal to be freed.

In 2012 he breached his bail to seek asylum from Ecuador. He was granted asylum due to fears of political persecution and possible extradition to the United states. After almost 7 years he was granted citizenship there, but it was suspended in April 2019.

So to summarise what I have told you so far; Julian Assange is a man who feels passionate about exposing the truth with intent to empower people and free us from societal hierarchy.

He, like many, want to expose the dark and unknown secrets (of the US in particular) to bring about justice for those who have been silenced.

The United States want him for this so that they can shut him up- because he has the means to take them down. He poses a threat.  

This brings about more questions than answers.

Why do they see the truth as a threat? Is it as deep as we might think it is? What are they hiding from us? Why?

He is still fighting extradition to the US.

Mainly over an allegation that he broke into a classified government computer.

In March, Assange’s internet was cut off and for more than a month he was forbidden visitors.

In April 2019 Assange’s asylum was withdrawn due to him violating his asylum conditions.

It has been said by Ecuador’s president that he tried to use the Ecuadorian embassy in London as a ‘centre for spying’. Ecuador’s president claims that “he did not have the basic principle of reciprocity for the country that knew how to accept him, or the willingness to accept protocols of the country that welcomed him” “we do not make decisions based on external pressures from any country”.

Basically, his asylum was granted on the condition that he would stop causing trouble.

It is understandable that Ecuador do not want to be dragged into this mess, but Assange is trying to work in the publics best interest.

He now faces up to 12 months in prison as a result.

Sweden is also debating reopening the investigation surrounding Assange’s sexual assault allegations.

As it stands, he is being held in a UK prison until April 2021.

His health is rapidly deteriorating and the most recent news on him was published a couple of days ago, where a phone call of his was leaked from prison. He claims that he is ‘slowly dying’. There’s speculation as to whether he is being sedated.

Assange has resonated with many people across the globe and there is a movement where mass groups of people are trying to help free him.

His case strikes a chord with people all over the world because of the way we are evolving and becoming more conscious. People see the opportunity to create change and be free, Assange is a figure of hope and new life to those to want an honest world.

Sometimes all you need to do is be aware of something that is going on for it to spark some sort of change.

How does all this information resonate with you? What do you feel passionate about?

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