money and covid-id: how you can become financially free while being threatened

This is not me telling you to come up with a business idea, or to rise and grind. For some of you, now is not the time. For now, some of you simply have to sit there and just exist. Heal a bit. Process it all.

The next truth to have been brought to surface following this outbreak of Covid-19 is Boris’ attack on the entertainment industry and the working class.

The tories were voted in by the majority of the UK.

And I said you lot were gonna be humbled by something that greatly affects the NHS and greatly affects large groups of people PERSONALLY in order to teach them perspective.

Behold; the humbling.

First of all- the tories urging you not to panic buy is the most ironic thing I have ever heard because it PROVES that there is enough resources for everyone. There is no need for homelessness and such divide in wealth when we are the third richest country.

This pandemic has shown that.

It has also shown exactly how the tories keep their wealth and hoard it for the sake of keeping status- with no regard for the wellbeing of the majority.

Boris signed the death warrant for the music/pub industry today. Basically he has allowed them to remain open while encouraging people to now go and manipulating them to shut down by means of personal ethics.

However these businesses will not be able to claim insurance or get any kind of financial support for shutting down. Rents and mortgage payments are still expected to be paid.

Additionally the NHS is under a huge strain, the tories have had to fork out £2.4mil of public money a day on renting 8,000 hospital beds from the private sector. 8,000 hospital beds that they privatised since coming into parliament in 2010.

Student nurses are being used and abused having to attend placements out of their own pocket and work strenuous hours in high risk environments.

There is no way we can prevent the coronavirus from spreading because we cannot spread it.

I could go on about the economic, environmental, political breakdown that is happening now but I won’t- because it’s not about them.

It’s about you going into isolation. It’s about you learning why you feel so panicked, learning to take charge, and learning to restructure the earth from your own day to day life out.

You are having the natural reaction of kicking and screaming and feeling the rage but eventually you will have to be still. When you are still, you have the power to change things.

People will say that I’m mad for thinking as I do- but they’ve been saying it for years and who is better off in this pandemic than me?

I’m alright.

So maybe everyone calling me mad is actually a lot worse off for not thinking as I do.

I am going to do my best to help from the perspective I hold on it all.

Take what resonates and leave the rest. I don’t judge your understanding I only want to help.

The first thing that the news and tories are threatening is your sense of safety- and that means you root chakra is out of whack.

Your root chakra is your centre of grounding, financial stability, manifestation, and overall health. It is located at the bottom of your spine.

Your root chakras are wired up to the old way of making money. Going to a job, ignoring vocation in pursuit of money, hustling and grinding as opposed to aligning.

Being a slave, basically.

And vocational professions such as nursing are becoming too draining for people to bare.

In order to make money- you first need to recognise that you are able to live and survive with nothing. This world is big, there are infinite possibilities, and as long as you are alive and well it doesn’t matter if you own a house- rent a house- stay on a friends sofa.

You need to find stability in your existence. This is how you learn to manifest.

When you are safe, secure and stable in your existence without external validation from a job or a worldly ‘certainty’- manifestation becomes a game.

You can do anything, so what will you bring in next?

You can make money however you like.

So we move up to the sacral chakra.

The sacral chakra is located in the lower abdomen. This is the centre of childlike energy, pleasure, sexuality. It is also where we hold guilt and shame.

This is where childhood trauma and outdated narratives stop you from living life happily and successfully.

A lot of you are not going to be able to make money because this chakra is limiting you. “you can’t make money like that”, “ridiculous of you to even think you can”, “you’re not worth it”, “you’re not special”, blah blah blah.

There is also guilt about having money which can come from this chakra. You may also carry the belief that money is not deserved if you don’t bleed yourself dry for it.

All just thoughts that need recognising and reprogramming. Focus on rewiring those beliefs while in quarantine.

Once that’s done you can begin to think of your personal skills and values.

Write down 10 things you would be/do/have if money were no object.

Then write 10 skills you have.

So once we reprogram those beliefs we move up to the solar plexus chakra.

This is where we get out ‘umph’ from. It’s our centre of personal power located in the solar plexus- beneath the ribcage.

This is where we get our certainty from and it’s where any other programming surrounding the topic of our worth and ability come to affect us.

Any time you have been made to feel unsure of untrusting of yourself it will have created a wound in this area affecting your ability to provide for yourself and manifest.

Heal the beliefs surrounding this topic to move forward.

We move up into the heart chakra.

This is the centre of love- self respect- and give and take.

This is where we need to learn that money is an exchange.

It should be an equal exchange.

Money is an energy that you are worthy of because you deserve to exist based off of the skills you have.

You are a unique being who incarnated on earth with a set of traits, beliefs and skills for a reason. You were designed to be of ‘service’ by existing here. And to exist here, you need money.

Money is the exchange which helps you survive.

When you recognise this, you feel good about accepting money. You are unapologetic.

This is also the centre of forgiveness. This is where we must learn to handle financial challenges with love and forgiveness. The ability to accept ego-hits and lack of money flow as lessons, pointers into the direction we need to head in to create money.

Learning that any arguments you may have seen about money were not showing a lack of love between people but instead a fear of survival shared among two people.

It’s not personal when you cannot make money. Money is not a bad thing. You can make more.

This is also the chakra that will make us feel lack. Like things are not available to us.

Money is an energy. It doesn’t run out. It is exchanged.

This is arguably one of the most difficult chakras to clear related to money- but people do it, and when there is nothing else to do you are forced to try.

We can then move to the throat chakra. The chakra of communication.

Why should you listen to anybody who told you that you cannot make money?

They told you that to keep you controlled, didn’t they?

Because they were told that by those above them. And because those same people were living in fear.

They’re just people, aren’t they?

Do you want to be like that too?

If not, ask yourself again;

What do I want? What skills do I have? How am I going to put them out there and profit from them?

This is where you are able to get ideas, communicate them and learn about business. Learn about money. Bring your ideas into physicality.

We then rise to the third eye chakra.

Here is where you can see the potential. You can visualise having your money because you already have it. You’ve healed this far and now anything is possible. So you have identified your skills, what can you see? What do you do with your wealth once you have it, and how do you share your wealth in a way that benefits your heart, soul and spirit.

You will find that hoarding money is not love because it doesn’t fulfil you. So how will you use your abundance of wealth to take what you need, enjoy your freedom, and also to rise others?

Finally- we have the crown chakra.

Faith- knowledge that worry is just worldly noise. There is nothing stopping you from having what you want.

Once you have got that money energy flowing to your crown chakra, work it down again and feel that security within you.

The headlines, Boris’ foolery, tory restrictions- it is all just fear mongering noise.

What’s happening is that the old earth is being stripped away, Mother Earth is sorting herself out with bushfires, virus outbreaks, the halting of humanity.

The world is on track and it is because people have begun to wake up.

We have always been creatures required to adapt in order to survive.

So while you are in isolation with your livelihood seemingly being threatened, bring your attention to how you are in control.

And once your focus is completely on yourself, watch as the world changes around you.

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