Mission Work

When you hear the term mission work one would usually think of something like comic relief, or volunteering to do good in an area with people who need it most. 

Everyone has mission work, and that’s why we’re so frustrated and unsatisfied by life at times. There can be nothing going wrong with our lives at surface level, we could have a decent job and a wide social circle and everything that says we should be satisfied, but we’re not. That’s okay. It’s okay to be unsatisfied, because at the end of the day if you are it’s because deep down you know that there’s more to life than what you’re currently living. Who’s to say you should settle for being in a little bubble all your life? 

The only cure for solving boredom is to do something spontaneous. Go out, have a change of scenery, do something fun. A lot of people go travelling and come home just as lost, longing for that sense of adventure and escape again. 

Going out and doing something out of the ordinary will get you in a different frame of mind, but if you’re just going to return to average day to day life again then really you’ll just be chasing your own tail on a quest for enlightenment. 

The real solution, long term, is to step in to mission work. 

Mission work isn’t all red noses and volunteering in third world countries, but simply figuring out what you feel as though you were put on this earth to do and then doing it. The only thing of value that we have to bring to this earth is our authentic selves. Everything else has already been done before. 

What has come naturally to you since you were a child? Before you learned that you had to be a certain way? What have you always found yourself gravitating back to? 

For me, I have always found myself advising people, caring for people, and teaching people. When I was younger I’d get told off a lot because I didn’t have a filter and would be brutally honest with people about why their lives have just fucked up. I see things that aren’t as clear to others. Sympathy was never my strong suit because I was very solution based. As I grew up I realised it’s not because I wanted to be a dick, but because I wanted to help people solve their problems. My mission work is to learn from everything I’ve experienced, and teach others. 

So, what is it that you value most in people? What is it you like the most? Are you a teacher, or a healer, or a creator? Are you an entertainer? Someone who lifts people’s spirits? Someone who helps people accept their darkness? Are you a poet? A health advisor? A mess who is here to teach others to not be a mess? An outcast who is here to speak for the underdog?

What would you do if you could do anything? 

We are the new wavers, we are a generation living in an entirely new world with access to things our ancestors can only have dreamed of. We are living here and now so we can restructure the way we live, and the way we do that is by doing what we are meant to do. We will find financial abundance and stability somewhere along the line by figuring out what our calling is and going at it with all of our might. 

(In answer to those of you who are questioning “but how?” there are countless examples. There are teachers who will tell you how to do it. Gary vaynerchuck is my fav so I’ll give you him as an example). 

Figure out what it is you are, who it is you are, and then run with it. We are put on this earth to be authentic, it’s all we have going for us. There’s no use pretending to be something else for means of survival, all you will ever do is hurt yourself. 

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