mental health in quarantine

The UK has been on a lockdown since Tuesday and cracks are beginning to show in people’s mental health. 

Humans are social creatures and interaction keeps us sane. 

You have every right to be upset with your circumstance and you are allowed to feel that emotion. 

But if you’re ready to come out of that shitty feeling, I’m writing this to try and help.

We’re basically being challenged to be at peace with ourselves, by ourselves, in our own company.

In the long run, this is one of the best things that could happen to us. We seem to forget that throughout life we are always alone. Despite having relationships with people throughout that add love and laughter to our lives, we are the only constant. 

There are 3 main reasons why people are going to be feeling low in this quarantine. 

  1. Psychological unpacking
  2. Withdrawal
  3. Lack of routine and feeling unbalanced.

I’ll write about these things one by one. 

Like everything, there is good and bad to what’s going on at the moment. 

The good can be hard to see, but it will benefit us long term. 

  1. Psychological unpacking

So many people unconsciously carry wounds and trauma from the past that they learn to live with rather than deal with. 

In life we do just have to keep going. 

But the more you repress, ignore, and get on with life without paying much attention to the way things make you feel and why you operate the way you do- you begin living on autopilot. 

Settling for a job, numbing yourself, generally going through the motions. 

Though there may be comfort in just getting on with it, are you living life? Are you properly enjoying yourself or are you just surviving with uncertainty?

When you’re still, you have no choice but to pay attention to yourself and what is going on with you in your head. There’s no one to bounce off of.

And while we’re still, we can have really strong emotions come up seemingly for no reason. 

It starts as a restlessness, and as we sink further into it we may have memories come up. And the memories will come with more emotion, which give us a certain belief like “I’m not enough”. 

This is very normal and I can almost guarantee that everyone has experienced this at some point. 

You may call it a ‘downwards spiral’ but I don’t see the point in putting a negative connotation on something so natural. 

This is known in psychology as unpacking. 

And the amazing thing about unpacking is that it means you’re healing. 

For as long as you’re on the move, learning to live with what happened to you and just ‘getting on with it’- you’ll never really notice how what happened to you put you in a cage in life that you didn’t really choose for yourself. 

Picture it like your brain is just a ravelled piece of wool all full of knots

But if you have it all laid out, and you can see where the knots are,you can take the knots out and process the emotions, recognising how they affect you now. 

Then you can put them all back again, have a neat piece of wool for a brain, and be able to take control of your life again. 

I write more about unpacking in different ways on a bunch of blogs on here but I’ll link some more below. They might help you process during this lockdown. 

  1. Withdrawal

Everywhere is closed. That means you can’t have the fast food you may live off, or go to the club, use as many highs, and be as promiscuous as you used to. 

And not only is that causing you to unpack and ask questions about yourself, but it’s got you going through withdrawal. 

That’s a physical AND emotional thing. It’s so impactful that it can literally lead you to a spiritual awakening. 

Withdrawal will help you transform your entire life. 

I’ve written some articles explaining the psychology of this linked below. 

  1. Lack of routine and feeling unbalanced

Everybody’s circumstances are different, so I can’t tell you how to live your life. I don’t know what space or resources you have- but I do know that you have a mind which can choose to either be a victim or be innovative. And nobody has ever been happy or done a very good job of surviving by just being a victim. 

So be innovative and creative. 

Exercise, work on the soul, learn something new. 

You have the internet, and a body. 

Find some inspiration and learn to listen to yourself when you wake up in the morning. What do you FEEL like doing in each moment?

Now is the unique opportunity to be able to do those things. 

What’s going on in the planet right now is not our business. We are so used to being in an energy where we have to act and move and control things that now humanity is resisting the simple act of being still, healing, focusing on ourselves. That is our only job because it’s all we can do. 

I think this lockdown is going to teach a lot of people about their own power, and it will lead to a great shift in the planet. 

Just trust that if you change yourself from within the entire world outside you changes.

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