mental health awareness

I started this blog because my mental health was bad and I had to pull myself out of a tough time by doing something worthwhile.

Since then, my writing has taken off and I am now able to make money from blogging- which is so wonderful and am so grateful.

I was lucky enough to have writing be the thing that kept me going, and I started because I wanted to help people. You have a purpose and there is something that will make life joyful for you, you just haven’t discovered it yet. Helping people is what it’s all about. I have always found that doing something good for somebody else just for the sake of it is the cure for hearts.

As it’s mental health awareness day, I thought I would compile a collection of blogs I’ve done surrounding the topic of mental health over the last 3 years. I hope that they might bring comfort to at least one person as they brought comfort to me.

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