Mental Health and Stigmatisation

The way we behave and the things that we do when we are in a negative mental state, having a tough time with mental health, is sometimes used against us by people who don’t necessarily understand what it is like to be mentally unwell.

People tend to believe mental health issues are a complete delusion and render us insane, people believe they have no business listening to us or hearing us out.

When we are mentally unwell it is our main priority to go within ourselves, shift our focus from what’s hurting us externally to how it’s hurting us internally, and repair ourselves from the insides out. As the teaching goes, “as within so without, as above so below”.

When we have repaired ourselves from the inside and begin seeing the external circumstances we do not like again, we are less sent off the rocker by it, but it is still a challenge for us. It is a test, how are we going to work around this obstacle and utilise this changed mindset to get there?

This can involve communication with people who are aware of the way you behaved when you weren’t at your best, who may stigmatise you due to their lack of understanding. When you have mental health issues it can become a tool that people use to deflect from them having to acknowledge and take into account what you are saying. This is just a test. You do not have to listen, it is not a reflection of you, it does not make you a lesser person. This is a test for you to react with forgiveness and understanding towards the person despite all the frustration and old feelings coming up, and this is a test for you to continue to strive for what you want. The obstacle is the person and the emotions they are triggering. They are a test, transmute your anger towards them into empathy for their lack of understanding, and wish them well on their own personal journey.

Choose to see them as a mirror for yourself. See them with compassion, see them as the embodiment of the doubt you have in yourself, and give it no further emotional energy.

There are ups and downs in life, just because you feel sad sometimes and old thoughts challenge you does not mean that all you learned when you were once happy is bollocks. It means you are being tested. Continue to surf the waves and don’t let the judgement of yourself, or of others, to keep you back.

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