May Newsletter (fortune telling)


The end of April shook things up an unbelievable amount.

Karmic cycles are closing out.

The month of May is bound to be quite intense to begin with as there is a LOT of activity with Mercury. In normal people speak, there is a LOT of things going on regarding justice.

This can sound really daunting, but justice can bring about good things. The main purpose of justice is to teach people the lessons they need to learn; not cause people to suffer.

This can include communication, trade, handling of legal documents, accounts, commerce, etc.

What I’m getting as a brief summary is that frustrations, fears, and the realisation of what is keeping you back will come to the surface. You’ll bottle it all up, and once you let a little bit out, all will be revealed in an explosive kind of way. Once that has happened, the release of all this pent up fire will make way for a really calm ‘go with the flow’ type energy to come in and take the wheel as you gather yourself back up again.

Sometimes, you gotta reach the bottom to rise back up again.

On the 1st, Mercury is square Saturn. We’re just entering the month and already there is this tense energy bubbling as people are realising the need to release things.

A lot of you may be finding that the things which once made you happy just aren’t doing it for you anymore.

It’s time to discover what the new you wants.

Things are gonna be changed.

The energy is fast moving because of its intensity. On the 2nd there will likely be some kind of breakthrough or an “ah-ha!” moment where you realise why all this difficult energy is coming to surface.

This might come in the form of an argument, or a bump in the road.

What is it that you’re going to have to change?

Do you feel like you’ve lost something?

If you just take a moment out and remove yourself from routine, clarity will come.

Do a little eat, pray, love.

Keep in mind that anything crumbling and falling, anything dissolving away or being cancelled is making way for something better to take its place.

Souls growth.

What’s being removed leaves an opportunity to build. It is written in the stars and it’s the way the world works, so do not get too hung up on temporary lack of clarity.

On May the 4th (star wars day) there’s a New Moon in the sign of Taurus. This is an exceptionally good time to ground your desires into reality by manifesting physical opportunities or goods like money. If you’ve been struggling in terms of mental health, nurturing yourself and tending to your own wounds, now is gonna be a really good time for you to take a time out. Invest yourself in self care, now is not the time to be pushing forward.

Be cautious to not believe that material goods are all you need to manifest. Is there something about your mindset that’s keeping you back?

As the month progresses, things will be more focussed on how to sustain the way you’re living in the long term. Remember all the mistakes you have made in the past, remember where you may have overindulged or self-sabotaged by putting pleasure over patience. Be aware of it so that this doesn’t happen again in your new life structure. Communicate with people that you intend to build with as time goes on, clearly.

There may be some break-up’s in karmic or twin flame relationships at this time. Let them go. Focus on yourself.

I know it hurts, but there is always a reason behind things happening. Find that reason by prioritising yourself.

On the 9th, or around about that time, there will be some kind of opportunity to heal and do something that you’ve always dreamed of, or aspired to.

Through your heartbreak you may have developed a case of the fuck it’s turning your attention to health, travel, or work. The universe rewards effective placement of energy by creating breakthroughs.

Always keep the faith.

Venus trine Jupiter supports this. There will be a lot of opportunities to resolve conflicts or problems which have been cropping up and bothering you as time has gone on. Go with this energy, and be sure that you’re open to receiving all the benefits of this time energetically.

There will be a change in what you find appealing. Perhaps you will get rid of a certain attachment that you’ve had because it no longer serves you, or maybe you’re just done self-sabotaging and you look at all the vices you’ve been using in a different light.

Either way, with the transits going on at this time just trust that this change is in your best interest- if you bother to give it any thought.

Although it’s wise to not become attached to the people you’re meeting during this time, keep in mind that the events playing out at the moment are fated. They’re sent to teach you something.

We have to go through lessons in order to get the gifts, or else we won’t recognise them.

On the 14th, or around this time, you may become aware of a transformation that is taking place either collectively or somewhere in your life which is happening as a result of the events that have played out over the last few days. Likely a change in your attitude or perception, that will just make you realise that nothing will be the same again.

Your mindset creates your reality, and this will really become clear.

Venus is sextile mars at this time, so as well as there likely being a lot of sexual energy, the sacral chakra is activated. Use this time to create, pour yourself into whatever outlet will benefit you in the long run, heal your inner child, take some time for yourself.

This is a really powerful energy, but it’s so important not to use this energy in a toxic way by feeling as though you NEED a hook up which is ultimately unhealthy.

Do not use this energy to go back to old ways, indulging with drugs or excessive amounts of alcohol.

Karmic cycles are closing, so if you act on an impulse without considering how your actions may be affecting other people, it will come back to bite you even if you never intended to hurt someone.

Use this energy to your advantage, it’s so powerful. Create with it. Make art with it. Find spiritual enlightenment with it.

On the 15th, Venus enters Taurus.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, meaning it’s going home. It is grounded, slower moving, and likes the finer things in life. Taurus likes to fix problems, and Taurus hates conflict.

With this cycle comes a lot of healing and a much slower pace when it comes to love and attraction.

Be aware of over indulging when spending, but overall this is exactly what we need to wind down after the turbulence of Venus in Aries. Venus in Aries get shit done, Venus in Taurus soothes the wounds that have been made.

On the 16th there will be an opportunity for healing communication.

With activity in the North Node, this will play out exactly as it is destined to take place.

It’s likely gonna be a “fuck it, I’ll just say it” moment- but it will be better received than perhaps you anticipate.

There may be some conflicts but focus on the point you’re trying to make and be a spectator to your emotion before you go for blood.

On the 18th there is a Full Moon in the sign of Scorpio.

Full Moons in Scorpio are incredibly powerful as Scorpio is the sign of transformation, death and rebirth, and is connected to the sacral chakra. Scorpio exposes things that have been kept hidden, be it feelings or physical truth, in order to show it to the world and transform it.

Globally, there will likely be a lot of lies and deceit coming to light. There are forces in the world that have us, have you, brainwashed. You will be encouraged to think for yourself and find the light of your own accord going forward, and you may have to be shocked in order to be able to proceed forward in that way.

After this communication will come a feeling of satisfaction and contentment.

The 21st marks the beginning of Gemini season.

Gemini is a light-hearted type of sign with a lot of duality. Gemini is very sociable, loves to have fun, but is prone to overindulging and acting before thinking. Gemini dislikes confrontation and can sometimes lack self-awareness, they can be very childlike. That is the theme of this season, expect the world to be acting in this kind of way a little more so than usual.

Travel will be a big theme for many in the coming month.

Spontaneity and just going with the flow of your heart and soul.

Mercury enters Gemini on the same day, meaning communication will be a little ‘flutterier’ as you become more sociable and perhaps less driven to work, unless your work involves socialising/networking, in which case this is an excellent time.

On the 22nd you may find yourself daydreaming a lot, or getting literal subconscious messages in your dreams surrounding your life purpose.

You will be inspired to move, or at least think about moving, in the direction of your life purpose as soon as you have figured it out.

Try to go with it rather than getting too in your head about it. Scorpio sun/moon/risings will be getting a lot of dream messages at this time.

On the 23rd, Mercury is sextile Chiron creating an opportunity for you to be able to teach/pass on any knowledge or advice that you have gained from struggle, or your life’s lesson. This may bring up some old wounds and healing that needs to be done as you realise that you’re not actually okay with something from the past that you’ve let lie. Collectively, there may be a lot of injustices coming to light again. Intuitively I’m feeling a real sense that the Black Lives Matter and the #MeToo movement will be revisited. I’m feeling that the feminist movement will be incredibly powerful at this time.

The Sun sextiles Chiron on the 26th inspiring ideas on how to make a positive, or at least how to make progress, from a negative.

Around the 30th there is another surge of fated events as activity with the North Node and Neptune picks up again. I will say for a lot of you that there is an opportunity for love, and communication that’s just lucky. There is at least an opportunity to get to know someone a bit better.

May Tarotcast

May is gonna be a real eye opener for many when it comes to where you’ve been putting your energy, and how you haven’t been utilising your energy to get what you want. Maybe a lot of you will be waking up to the fact that you’ve been trapped in a cycle, trying to fix other people before giving love to yourself. Looking for validation from others.

For others of you, this could mean that you are sailing way from relationships which you do not have the emotional capacity to be in right now. Life unfolds in divine timing and if you’re not ready, you’re not ready.

Commit to wherever you’re going to be spending your next chapter. Make the most of your freedom.

For those of you who are a little more tied down with family and obligations which aren’t quite so easy to run from, this is all about accepting help from others. Taking the weight off your shoulders.

May is going to split people down the middle. Those who have been on their own for a long time because of growth and character development will be manifesting partnerships which help them.

Those who have been seeking to find themselves in others will be on their own.

It’s all just a learning curve, so try to have fun with whatever life throws at you.

That’s May according to the Sun, the Moon and the whole Universe.

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Have a good one!


Becky Xx

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