March Newsletter

An astological / psychic report of the month

This is the first edition of a monthly ‘newsletter’ I’m gonna do which will give people some insight about what to expect for each month. Hopefully this will help you utilise the energies as best you can, show you the bigger picture, and bring your awareness to why you may feel a certain way so that you don’t get too lost.

Astrology and tarot work most accurately when tailored to your specific chart- which is more complex and I would charge money for that kind of service. That being said, astrology literally rules the ongoings of this planet. So here’s March 2019, in general.


Overall, the common themes showing up for March are surrounding communication, and recognising any blocks in your way that are stopping you from living your best life. Be prepared to start seeing things in a different light, and to begin preparing to instigate some kind of change. Prepare to be tested, prepare to be frustrated, and remember to keep your head on and be wise throughout it all. Remember the bigger picture. We’re leading up to a new beginning.

Mercury is in retrograde for most of the month.

Things will show up repetitively until they are dealt with. Usually, these kind of patterns can be aligned with the planetary movements, which is why so many of us hippy freaks will throw up the excuse of it being “mercury retrograde” at any minor inconvenience.

During this time, the planet which is currently “in retrograde” will slow down its orbit so much that it creates an illusion to us on earth and appears that the planet is moving backwards.

The effect this has on us means that whatever properties that planet has control over (e.g. Mercury= communication, Venus=love and money) will become affected.

We will struggle to move forward because the retrograde period is a time to look back into the way you’ve been doing things, seeing that you need to amend anything. It’s a time of renewal, revising, reconsidering. This is why during a mercury retrograde, technology may cause inconveniences or any documents signed
may have issues with it- people may argue or have more misunderstandings than usual. It’s because mercury, the planet of communication, is bringing up all your ways of doing things for analysis and getting you to go “could I do this differently in a better, more effective way?”, “am I doing this for the right
reasons?”, “do I really want to do this like that?”, “is now the right time?”.

It’s your choice whether to stubbornly continue trying to move forward without considering the retrograde or what it might be telling you- but that will prolong the cycle that you’re
stuck in. Retrograde creates an opportunity to end certain patterns and cycles.

Mercury is retrograde in Pisces, which means communication of all kinds is up for review. Although communication relates strongly to relationships and the way you relate to the world, the theme also shows up strongly in matters such as trade, commerce, legal documents, accounts and technology.

Things may slow down, go wrong, and break forcing you to re-evaluate certain things and your methods.

Your idea of what’s ‘logical’ and ‘safe’ may become altered as factors which were previously unseen now come up and make themselves known. They will begin to impact decisions you may have made without full understanding and complete knowledge of what you were getting yourself in

Pisces is a creative and imaginative sign which is usually indecisive and can be emotionally turbulent, blowing hot and cold. You may find yourself being very irrational and emotional, having bigger expectations of things and becoming frustrated
when you are hit with realism. You may have a lot of surprising and testing revelations, but they’re all helping you in the long run as a period of review usually makes for a better way of doing things going forward. Pisces is a sign which makes anything seem possible, so you may be switching things up considerably because all of a sudden you have realised that you’ve been underestimating yourself and thinking too small.

Mercury is also sextile Saturn, which basically just reaffirms the likelihood of tests of willpower and discipline being a common theme throughout the month. It also reminds us that these tests will help you grow, and this is the best reward. Remind yourself of the bigger picture, and redirect your energy so that you break the cycle of clutching for unhealthy vices and coping mechanisms.

The Sun enters Aries on the 20th, Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, so we are entering a new year cycle in terms of astrology. Again, there is a strong theme this month of endings, completions, new beginnings and rebirth. You’re probably gonna get a real case of the fuck it’s around this time and you may get a real serge of rebellious energy and inspiration- use this to create.

Venus is square Mars towards the end of the month. Have you ever heard of the book ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus’? Globally, there may be a real focus on some kind of political oppression/revelation of the truth as the masculine and feminine energies square up to each other. Watch as those who have been oppressed begin to call out the mainstream media for their bullshit, because a revolution is on the horizon within the next few years and this is just the build up to it.

There is a conflict between pleasure and drive which may cause restlessness within you, remember to pour your drive in to the right things. Although you may be triggered, work past it, and be prepared to face the truth so that you can improve it.

The way Venus and Mars are relating to the North Node is again bringing up this theme of pleasure being attractive but the easy option will not teach you what you need to know.

The Sun conjunct Chiron means that after all of this fog, there will be a light shining on the lesson in all of this struggle at the end of the tunnel.

Pay attention to your dreams around this time.

Venus goes into Pisces and sextiles Uranus just before Mercury goes direct, so drawing a close to the month expect everything to just fall into place and make sense just as you’re getting ready to give up. Prepare for your blessings because things ALWAYS manifest once you let go of your expectations- but you have to let go and surrender.

Themes in Relationships

A tarot spread for the common, general themes among relationships in the month of June. Only take what resonates, this will not apply for everyone.

There is a strong theme of realising your worth after having gone through some challenging times- perhaps you have just built yourself up after getting hurt and you’re now ready for some kind of connection. You may have had to learn forgiveness and it could have taken a really long time for you to find your way again, you had to learn to build your own life and relationships and learn how to let people in again who are good for you. You had to rediscover yourself after playing a certain role for so long.

Now you are cautious of letting the wrong people in but you’re eager for renewal. People from the past will likely be coming back for a lot of you, but your recent growth will have put you in a good place to be able to discern who to let back in your life and who to let go of. There will be people coming back who won’t necessarily stay, they’re just here to finish business. There may also be people coming back to try something again- be it a relationship or a collaboration- so use your intuition to determine who to invest in. You may be eager for reconcilliation with a soul mate or twin flame after a period of separation, or perhaps just looking to rekindle those innocent kind of relationships you used to have with friends before you grew up and things took a toll. Either way, you are wanting something pure, and you’re not wanting to settle for less than- or return to your old ways. You are aware that you’ve come too far to go back.

Trust your guidance when entering this new beginning and don’t be afraid to just withdraw from people’s bullshit. Don’t settle, because it is safe for you to love as long as you’re loving the right people. Release anyone or any lingering resentments you have, because now is the time to surround yourself with good people for you to flourish in your career and life path. Relationships are to help us go far, they are not meant to distract you or become the pinnacle of your life. Release codependency and focus on the purity of love.

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