The connotations that have been attached to the concept of ‘energy’ are usually all bollocks.

They usually have very political and ‘religious’ undertones which were put in place to guilt trip people into abiding by certain rules and regulations, keeping people trapped in a little prison bubble of having no fun.

People don’t know what energy is or what to do with it. Lucky for you lot, I do. I know how to use it to get everything I want, and I’m happy to teach you to do the same. 

People are gonna skim over my writing and teachings and they’re probably just gonna think ‘hippy wanker’ and leave it at that. That’s cool, I’d have done the same a few years ago, you’re just not ready, or it’s not on your path. If you’re doing okay without the knowledge of it, I don’t blame you.

Denial of energy is just denial of everything. It doesn’t work. Energy is the particles that everything is made up from, the keyboard I’m typing on, trees, crystals, water, people, ghosts, even words. 

These ‘particles’ vibrate at a certain frequency. This frequency is energy, and these frequencies effect our moods and our perception.

This is why people can be really drawn to certain crystals, or certain genres of music- because they respond to those vibrations.

We are also made up of these frequencies, meaning that we carry a certain vibration which is always changing. If we are happy, we are in a high vibration. If we are sad, we are in a low vibration.

Generally, artificial chemicals tend to lower our vibration and weigh us down. Harsh words will do the same, anything which upsets us and gives us that general feeling of ‘this is bad and this will be something I regret’ lowers a persons vibration. 

When we are in a low vibration, we aren’t in control of our own lives and we are submissive. We do as we’re told and live by somebody else’s narrative; average job which pays the bills, good enough social circle, comfy comfy yet relatively unsatisfied.

For a lot of us, this isn’t enough. We’re conditioned to have a lot of shame surrounding the concept of comfy not being enough, keeping us in this prison of living by somebody else’s narrative. If you don’t fit in, it’s because you’re here to show a different way. 

Because we are so stuck, we lose our connection and we numb and try to sedate flinging us into a downwards spiral. So. Very. Boring.

If you’re reading this- here’s your sign. Break out of the cycle and just raise your vibration, because the only person you’re fighting by ‘rebelling’ and going ‘off the rails’ is yourself. You’re playing yourself. This is what they want you to do. 

To manifest and have freedom over your own life, you are gonna have to be in a high vibration. 

Articles on the law of attraction, how to get what you want, how to get by will come as follows.

This just needs to be put out there now I think. 

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