Maintaining Balance

Now is as good a time as any to write this, because from the 12th to the 21st we are experiencing a lot of energetic shifts, a lot of purging of old ways and thought processes, and the energy feels generally very intense.

Everybody I have spoken to is feeling it to some degree whether that be through physical illness, mental health deterioration, general lack of faith and feelings of being lost.

When we experience shifts like this, I suppose I find it easier to get through them and see the light at the end of the tunnel because I know why they’re happening- I speak the language of astrology and I have knowledge of duality and I can hear voices that go unheard to a lot of other people. That being said, I know it feels like hell when experiencing this manic and heavy energy, and I know what it feels like to be lost.

Now that’s out of the way, I’m gonna give you my take on how to remain balanced and see yourself through one of these funny turns. 

For many, its undeniable that things are changing now more rapidly than before. 

In the spiritual community, we say that ‘the planet is aescending’, which really just means that the times are a changing. Things which once worked will no longer work, people are changing their perception on things and familiarity is now not really a thing which we can return to. 

We also say that people are stepping in to a higher vibration. Basically, people’s programs of ‘live normally and without bother’ doesn’t work anymore. We are more aware of out own little missions on earth, we kind of already know that we incarnated here at this time to get something done.

The past is often looked at through rose tinted glasses because it has already been done, but if you were to really go back in to the past and experience it moment by moment as you did the first time around- you wouldn’t have felt any more content than you do right now. When we think we want to go back in to the past, its just because the future looks a little hazy. 

You can’t numb this change, and the old ways won’t work anymore. You already know this.

When the planet shifts like this it affects us in different ways. 

For some, they will purge.

Purging is done in many ways and it basically means that all the horrible repressive stuff comes up and becomes unavoidable. I would not wish purging upon anyone, but it will likely happen to everyone at some point.

Thoughts, feelings, emotions will come up seemingly out of no where and it will be the kind of pain that blocks your throat, weighs on your chest and cripples you over. It will seem like there is no escape, you will struggle to sit with it. You may cry, you may become angry, you may feel as though you’re not good enough or that you’ll never be content, you may even feel like there’s no point. 

This isn’t depression, it’s a purge which is misunderstood and the only way out is through.

Call it depression if you want, but as somebody who has once worn that label I will tell you now that it’s far easier to call it what it is. It’s a purge which is misunderstood. Save yourself and boost that serotonin by dealing with it whichever way is best for you.

How to get through a purge; 

Sit with it for as long as it lasts, and explore it. Your brain will likely be spinning with every thought that triggers you, ‘I can’t believe they said this/did this’, ‘why’, ‘what if’ blah blah blah.

Instead of trying to fight it, embrace it and ask ‘where is this actually coming from? How has it managed to affect me in this way? How much of what is going through my head actually truth?’. Become an observer to your thoughts and feelings while you’re experiencing them and you’ll find that with understanding comes relief and release. 

Abraham Hicks talks about how sometimes when you’re low you just need to let yourself fall in order to become enlightened. 

It may not heal the ouch straight away though. In the long run, this is the best thing for you. Short term, it won’t be too pleasant. This is where you need to know when to stop sitting with your pain and start doing something about it. 

After a certain point of letting yourself cry and be upset and scream, you will need to recognise that you’re here now and you can’t live like this. When raw emotion has been embraced, intuition is stronger because your ego has just been cleared. You will know what to do next, whether that be go for a walk or look for a job or start writing, you need to just do something after you have purged and not think about it too much.

If you sit with your emotions for too long you will become too strung on them rather than allowing them to pass. Move on, and don’t try to do anything with it. Don’t try to numb it, or fight it, or repress it- just let it be and let it pass and understand that this is just a part of life. 

Ascension will bring many purges because as your ‘vibe’ rises, you can’t carry the dead weight with you. Like a person who dislikes bitchiness being surrounded by catty friends, it doesn’t make sense. It just holds you back. These purges are hell but once they’re over its an absolute godsend to have the clarity to be able to move on and realise that the old ways just aren’t for you anymore. The space you create once you’ve released something heavy can now be filled by the next best thing. 

Purges can be brought on by loads of things, an argument, overthinking, a job worry, boredom, or seemingly out of nowhere. They’re just trying to get you to move. 

This isn’t who you are, it’s something you’re experiencing- and it is always your choice to seek the enlightenment to be okay. 

My hippy dippy tips (with research which I have done in the name of science to back their validity up) would be to take 10 minute salt baths (NOT table salt), meditate (however that may look to you), learn about something you’re drawn to, and maybe learn a little bit about the chakras. This being said, you will likely find your own way though by doing whatever it is you love and feel drawn to the most.

Get through it, it’s a weird time but its in the name of being lifted. 

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