Letting Go

You come into peoples lives as and when you need each other. You meet the sweetest of souls when you are balanced and in harmony with yourself; do not attach yourself to them and rely on them. You do not need anyone, the challenge is to be so secure within yourself that you know you will be happy and attract a group of beautiful souls wherever it is you may go. You need not be limited or clingy to people, because if you’re meant to be in their life you will be. If there was a karmic lesson to learn from them, it will be easy to let them go, or even if you find the loss hard to get over, once in a place of balance you will come to understand that if you were to meet again the connection would not be the same.

Honour the connection you once had and have love and appreciation for the joy or lessons it brought you. Once one person is cleared there is way for another to come in- another who is more fitting to the person you have become.
Just as you let people go forever, you can let people drift temporarily. People may come in and out of your life whenever the time is right- just as they need to; in the right place at the right time. People are reflections of us, when we are in a similar place in life to them we are magnetised. Don’t take their absence personally, all it means is that there are adventures to take and people to be met separately, this is healthy for both people. It will make the reconciliation more pure and friendly.
It is the most rewarding thing in the world seeing people at their lowest, watching them grow from a distance, and then being in their heart while they’ve gotten to the top again. No hard feelings are necessary.

Do not be clingy to people out of fear- it is all just a test of reminding yourself that you are balanced and holding space within yourself. Despite who may come or who may go, you can remain just as stable. Keep the space with love and learn to not be knocked when people leave. It is only a reflection of the lessons each person has to learn.

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