Law of Attraction and Tricks of the Mind

As time goes on and as more wake up, there’s an increase in focus on the bigger picture. If you look around you and compare the way people think to the way they thought about 5 years ago, you’ll notice a massive shift in the way people perceive things universally. 

A lot of you are gonna put this shift down to general self growth, which is relevant; but this is a permanent shift in human perception and it plays out on a much bigger scale. 

Everything you could possibly fathom is yours for the taking. If a desire lies within you, it’s because that desire was planted in you. There is a reason for why you want a certain thing; it’s because you can attain it. You will never be tainted by a want for something you can’t have, only the way you’ve constantly told yourself that you can’t have it, you’re not good enough for it, there’s no point thinking about it. Everything we experience is a trick of the mind. If we are drawn to something it was meant for us to be able to continue on our path.

For decades people have spoken about law of attraction, astrology, universal laws and so on but up until very recently the mass majority have put it on the back burner because of how engrained everybody is in physical reality. 

Lately, people are connecting the dots. People are seeing that physical reality is like the tip of the ice berg and the way it appears and is shaped is controlled almost entirely by perception. 

Law of attraction, all these things are not a new concept. They’re just talked about in different ways and because more people are talking about these topics, there are more ways for people to understand what is being said and how it works. It’s more a matter of ‘how many times can you say the same thing in a different way so that it clicks for somebody’. 

Take note of the next few months because people’s mindsets are going to shift more obviously and people are going to take much more interest in these things- and see the validity of them. 

So now I’ve spoken about that, I’m gonna tell you the way I see law of attraction and the way everything works. 

At the end of it all, everything is perception. When we experience fear, we get all the same reactions as when we experience excitement- and it’s just a matter of how you choose to set your mind to determine how you’re going to experience this reaction. Next time you’re scared, analyse your thoughts and try to adjust them from “what could go wrong” to “I’m literally fine right now, I have lost nothing and I have an opportunity to take”. Likewise, we can reprogram the way we see things through repetition and understanding the way the brain functions. 

Wherever we put our focus, we manifest more of what we are choosing to see. This is why I have such a low tolerance for victim mentality. If you choose to see everything as being negative and if you choose to believe that you are lacking in something, you will only continue to see more of what you don’t have. Negativity breeds negativity unless you choose to break out of that cycle. On the flip side, if you choose to see everything as an opportunity (no matter how hard it may be), and if you choose to see goals and things to work towards- you will manifest energy to be able to attain those goals. 

It’s not a matter of deluding yourself into believing that you have something that you don’t, it’s a matter of shifting your perception in order to see what is already there for you to work with. There is no lack, there is a possibility that exists that you don’t currently have. You’re simply being shown something you could have if you were to adjust a couple of things. 

Be mindful not to create resistance by forcing things too much. Go with what feels right and what makes you feel satisfied in that current time and place. When you’re content, things will pick up.

For years we have been taught that seeing is believing but as more people begin to understand the way the subconscious works, and how the universe works, people are beginning to realise that it’s actually more a case of believing is seeing. 

I’m gonna give another example for those who use marijuana. 

When you’re stoned, things appear differently. You experience things differently. For many people, marijuana becomes a solace because the way you perceive things is enhanced and allows you to go within more than usual. It creates a different kind of reality because your perception is so relaxed. A lot of times things just “click” and your mind goes wild on ideas and possibilities. When you sober up, you just write things off as a dumb idea you had while you were stoned and think no more of it. Your subconscious is more visible as a result of you using weed, it’s enhanced a certain part of your brain which you wouldn’t necessarily always pay attention to. It has altered you perception in a way which has shown you a possibility. 

If you were to reprogram your brain through being more aware of where your focus lies when you are sober, you’d be so aware of the possibilities that exist around you constantly. There is never an absence of opportunity but rather a constant reluctance to shift your focus and see it. 

When I do readings for people or when I’m coaching someone who is asking me “how do I shift my focus?” I give them the most simple practices as ‘homework’. It’s more repetition than some big elaborate therapy session. 

There are stages to reprogramming your thoughts and it’s really not as daunting as it sounds, nor as complex. A lot of you do it every few years without even noticing. 

When you begin to move on, it may feel as though you’re not moving on at all because you’re so focussed on the past. This is actually because it’s necessary to look at the past in order to find yourself where you are today and how you can put those past experiences to bed.

You will become aware of traumas which lie within you from past experiences and you will begin to grieve age old hurts which you’ve kinda just brushed under the carpet. You purge in order to make space for new. It’s one of them things where you’ll be lying in bed at night, then remember something that someone said to you and you’ll get upset or pissed off all over again. 

Be very mindful to remain grounded. The heart wants to protect itself by trying to write the end to something which hasn’t even fully taken place in order to prevent itself from getting hurt. You are here, you are here now, and there is no way to fully determine the future because the future doesn’t exist. There is only the now. It is the choices we make now which determines the future. You have the power here and now, to determine your own future.

Once you’ve acknowledged those feelings, once it’s all purged, it’s gone and then comes stage 2- altering your perception to change future realities. 

What we speak has a big impact on how we think. I’m sure a lot of you back in your teenage years would use dark humour a lot, which as first meant nothing but then eventually linked up to actual genuine self consciousness. I’m sure a lot of you went through an “emo phase” as part of a trend which eventually turned into you experiencing actual feelings of self loathing or anger towards your circumstance. I’m sure a lot of you have joked about being incapable of love, or destined to be alone, which has manifested in an actual belief that you will be alone forever and that there is no point in carrying on with someone else. I’m sure a lot of you have done things for recognition and attention which has programmed your thought patterns. 

Words which we neglect and think nothing of, when said enough, begins to chip at the ego and hit an insecurity within you. This is why I always tell people to practice affirmations. 

The first time I practiced affirmations I was in high school and I thought it was the dumbest shit I had ever heard, but I did it because I’m open minded like that. It didn’t fix me just like that but it certainly did make me see myself in a different light and it made me kinda proud of my open mindedness, despite feeling too lame to ever admit to anybody that this is the kind of shit I got up to. I watched a ted talk by Marissa peers and was captivated by it.

I gave this “homework” to one of my friends a good 9 months ago after she had just spent an hour having an emotional breakdown at my house. I said “what are 3 things you want?” and she told me. We got to the root cause of where those desires came from, as well as the feelings of lack which blocked her way, and I gave her affirmations to write on post it notes. She stuck the post it notes on her mirror and wardrobe so she would see them every day and remember to speak them. “I am enough”, “I am abundant”, “I am love”. 

The next piece of homework I give people is to dig themselves out of 7 layers of emotional shit after the necessary grieving has been done. I tell people to practice gratitude and dedicate a tiny chunk of their time a day (before bed, in the morning, whatever), to reflect on things they appreciate. Not the generic bullshit like “I’m grateful for my house and the fact that I’m not starving to death or ill like the less fortunate” because I’m not being funny but I know a lot of you don’t mean that. I don’t always mean that. Of course I am grateful that I am privileged and wealthy in health, but sometimes when I’m being a negative nancy I don’t actually have the capacity to be grateful for that. I say it because I feel as though I should, which then makes you think “omg I’m not actually grateful for that, I’m a terrible person”, which defeats the object. 

Sit there for as long as you possibly can and find something in your life that you’d be devastated if you had to do without. Your family, the health of your dog, the nice old lady who smiles at you when you come out of work. The possibility that you can turn this around. 

You can write this, think this, meditate on this for as long as it takes before your heart flutters a bit. Do this every day at first, and then sporadically when you feel the need to lift your spirits. There is always opportunity to be grateful, not because you should but because you can. 

The third piece of homework I give people, is to do something. Don’t allow yourself time to dwell or overthink what you’re going to do- just get out and do something. Start a project. Talk to someone. Get outside. 

9 times out of 10 this homework works for people who keep it up for as long as they have to. Some people don’t wanna invest themselves fully in to it so it doesn’t work. No judgement, they’re just not ready. Other people don’t get back to me because it obviously has worked and they don’t feel the need to talk to me after I’ve helped them, which is always a good sign. 

My friend who I initially gave this “homework” to ended up getting everything that she wanted. She entered a relationship, switched jobs to one which she actually enjoys and has made loads of friends at, and got control over her life and rid herself of an addiction. She accepted the help of others.

Granted, she was lucky and it didn’t take long for reasons personal to her. These goals were relatively simple compared to people looking to manifest careers. She was already in a pretty good place in life. For others it may take years and lots of hard work, but if at the end you get what you want- then surely it’s worth it.

She did that because she put in the work to be happy. It wasn’t even work, it was simple tasks. It was the shift in perception that she was ready to go along with. It was openness. 

It’s repetition. That’s all it is. 

Law of attraction is reprogramming and allowing yourself to walk down what Abraham Hicks refers to as “the path of least resistance”. Don’t overthink things, just go with your soul. 

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