Karmic Cycles and Soul Contracts

Everybody has some kind of blueprint that they need to live out. Every path we choose to go down, every decision we make has some kind of prewired outcome to either teach you a lesson, set you up for your next destination, or give you some kind of realisation about something. 

There are karmic things in life and there are things which resonate at a soul level. The things that resonate at a soul level are comfortable and feel at home. These things can be people or hobbies, everything is a catalyst for the blueprint you’re living out. 

In very pivotal moments of our lives we have to live out what is known as a karmic cycle. 

This is where we make decisions which we will later regret. We make these decisions because they’re easy and because they seemed right at the time, they helped us get through a certain time. We had to learn some kind of lesson from this karmic cycle. 

You will know something is karmic because once it is over, once you’ve learned something, you will be able to drop it like nothing ever happened. You’ll look back and not be able to even fathom that you made those decisions or walked down a certain path, once it’s over you don’t want to go back. In extreme cases, karmic cycles/relationships can stunt your progression in the future because you’ll be so put off by them that you’re reluctant to be involved in any situation reminiscent of that again. 

This just means that you need to heal. The karmic cycle is over, but it left a scar which keeps your defences up and blocks you from receiving your reward (which will be something soul level).

People tend to look back at these times with regret, regret for meeting/getting involved with a person, regret for putting your energy into a person, regret for choosing to cope with something a certain way, making impulse decisions, allowing something to happen to you and so on. 

Things which resonate at a soul level, will never be easy to get rid of. There will always be a magnetic pull back to a hobby, an idea, a person, a feeling of home and a vision of future with these things. 

Things which resonate at a soul level are put here to guide you along your path. They are put into your life to help you see a bit more clearly where you’re destined to end up, who you are at a soul level, and how to follow your path right the way down to where you are supposed to be. 

The karmic stuff is kind of just a distraction, it’s all an illusion. That being said, it’s all necessary in order to teach you which parts of you need to heal. 

In life, there is always a yin to a yang. Where there’s soul level beauty there is karmic level pain- but for as long as you keep moving, keep striving forward and keep working on yourself and healing, eventually the beauty will outweigh the pain. 

Please, do not be scared of things which resonate at a soul level. I don’t care if it’s a person, if it’s a career path, anything that hits you soul deep is here for you. You’ll know the difference, you’ll just be scared of it not being real. It is real. It’s the karmic stuff you’re really afraid of. 

Keep healing yourselves, it’s all just a part of the process. 

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